If the sun suddenly disappears, the balance of the solar system will be broken. What will be the fate of the earth?

The sun is a celestial body that we see every day. It hangs high in the sky and brings light and warmth to the earth. Now we all know that the sun is a star, is a universal existence in the universe can burn the celestial body. The universal existence of stars brings some light and warmth to the dark and cold universe.

Where there are stars, there will be a stellar system. There are one or several stars in the center of each stellar system. Within its gravitational range, there will be a number of planets around it. In the same way, our solar system can exist on the basis of a sun in the center, which accounts for 99.86% of the total mass of the entire solar system.


The existence of the sun enables the solar system to maintain a stable and balanced state. Only a stable galactic environment can give birth to life on earth. Only in this way can life have enough time to evolve and finally give birth to intelligent human beings. It can be seen that the sun can be called the pinnacle of the solar system and the primitive mother of life on earth. Without it, there would not be the existence of the solar system, let alone the birth and continuation of life on earth.

There are eight planets in the solar system. Mercury is the closest to the sun, and Neptune is the farthest. They revolve around the central sun together, and form a centrifugal force through rotation. This centrifugal force forms a dynamic balance with the gravity of the sun, which has lasted for 4.6 billion years.

If the solar system suddenly disappears, it is obvious that the great gravity of the sun will disappear, and the celestial balance of the solar system will be broken. What will happen at this time? What will be the fate of the earth? First of all, when the sun suddenly disappears, the whole solar system loses its light and heat. According to the distance between the earth and the sun, it takes about 8.33 minutes, or about 500 seconds, for sunlight to reach the earth.


When the last sunlight reaches the earth, there will be no more daytime on the earth. The whole 24 hours will be dark. That kind of situation is really dark. Except for some stars, there will be no light in the whole sky. Venus, the most obvious star at night, will lose its brilliance.

Of course, after the sudden disappearance of the sun, the earth will not immediately fall into boundless darkness. We still have about 500 seconds of light. After 500 seconds, we will lose light forever. We can only use technology products such as electric lamps to make some lighting. For life on earth, the sun’s light and heat is an important source of life.


If there is no sunlight, then plants will not be able to enter the photosynthesis, a large number of plants will continue to die out, and herbivores relying on plants will continue to die out, and finally affect carnivores. It can be said that the sudden disappearance of the sun will be a devastating blow to the whole ecological chain and biological chain of the earth.

More importantly, without the heat of the sun, the earth will fall into a long ice age. The temperature of the whole earth’s surface will be lower day by day. After a few years, the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere may drop to about minus 200 ℃. Such a temperature is close to absolute zero, and with a sharp drop in atmospheric temperature, the atmosphere will basically disappear, because nitrogen and other gases will liquefy and fall to the earth’s surface.

The whole earth has become a frozen planet, and human beings, as intelligent life, can only move underground if they want to survive. Although the surface of the earth becomes very cold because of the loss of the heat of the sun, the interior of the earth itself is a big stove. As long as we move underground, we can use part of the geothermal energy to keep warm.


Of course, the above are the great changes that will happen to the earth itself after the sudden disappearance of the sun. Although this change can make most of the creatures on the surface of the earth extinct, human beings are intelligent civilization and have entered the era of science and technology. Relying on the power of science and technology, we can still preserve part of the human kindling, and then transfer it to the underground for the continued development of civilization.

The disaster that is really likely to bring the end of mankind actually comes from outside the earth. We should understand that after the sun disappears, the order of the whole solar system will completely collapse, and the solar system without the existence of the sun will be meaningless. After the disappearance of the sun, the eight planets will soon leave the present orbit and fly out of the solar system along the section of the orbit.


After 500 seconds, the earth will fly out along the tangent, and then wander towards the vast outer solar system. It’s going to be 29.78 kilometers per second, much faster than the fastest voyager-1. So will this wandering journey of the earth go smoothly? The answer is very dangerous. If only one planet in the whole solar system, like the one in wandering earth, leaves its orbit and wanders outside the solar system, the safety factor will be much greater.

However, when the sun disappeared, the solar system would no longer exist. At that time, the eight planets and other asteroids would wander out of the solar system. Mercury was the first to leave the orbit, then Venus, and then the earth. The farther the star spans the center of the solar system, the later it will leave the orbit.

When all the planets in the solar system are wandering and fleeing, celestial body impact will often occur, and this chaotic state can be compared with the early solar system. You know, in the early days of the solar system, the whole galaxy was not completely stable. At that time, there were more than 100 planets in the solar system. However, due to the chaotic galactic environment, these planets constantly collided with each other, leaving only eight.


Although there are only eight planets in the present solar system, there are countless kinds of asteroids. More importantly, there are two giant gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn. Just imagine, if the sun suddenly disappeared, the entire solar system into chaos, all the celestial bodies are toward the outer solar system. Is it possible for the earth to wander out safely and stably? It’s going to be very difficult.

Even if the earth does not collide with other planets, it may also collide with other asteroids, especially the earth on the edge of the solar system. The number of asteroids is too many to estimate. Therefore, if the earth is wandering freely and has no way to control its direction, then after the sudden disappearance of the sun, the ultimate fate of the earth will probably be destruction, and even if human beings hide in the earth, they will not be spared.


To solve all these problems, we have to rely on powerful scientific and technological forces. If we have the scientific and technological strength of human beings in wandering earth, we can install a large number of engines on the earth and artificially change the wandering orbit of the earth. In that case, the probability of the earth being hit by other planets will be greatly reduced. It is possible to leave the solar system safely and steadily and move towards other galaxies.

Of course, these are just our assumptions. The sun will not disappear suddenly and the earth will not become a wandering planet. Even so, the ultimate fate of the sun will run out of hydrogen fuel in 5 billion, then turn into a red giant star, and finally evolve into a white dwarf star. And in this process, the earth’s orbit will be swallowed by the sun. If we don’t leave the earth and the solar system at that time, our fate will come to an end.

Of course, 5 billion years is far away from us. If human beings can continue to that time, they may have already become a powerful interstellar civilization. At that time, even if the life of the sun is up, we can still leave the solar system calmly. Whether we take a spaceship or pack the earth together, it will not be a matter for a powerful interstellar civilization. What do you think of this?

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