If the sun suddenly goes out one day, what will be the fate of mankind? Is there any hope of survival?

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system and the only planet of intelligent life. The reason why the earth can become a planet of life and give birth to human beings is closely related to the sun. The solar system was born with the appearance of the sun, and the earth is in a suitable habitable zone. The sun’s radiation brings sunshine and suitable humidity to the earth, which gives the earth a hotbed for the birth of life.

It can be said that the sun is the mother of life on the earth. Therefore, since ancient times, human beings have a very kind feeling towards the sun, and many tribes regard the sun as a totem. With the development of science and technology, with astronomical telescopes, people really realize the nature of the sun. It is actually a star, just like most of the stars we see every night.

The sun is so important to the earth and human beings, so if the sun suddenly disappears one day, can human beings survive? Although the sun will not disappear suddenly, this hypothesis is a very interesting scientific topic. Many netizens have put forward their own views. Some think that if the sun disappears, the earth will be finished, and it is difficult for human beings to survive. Some also think that human beings have developed science and technology. Relying on developed science and technology, we build underground cities and live inside the earth There will be no problem.


So what’s going to happen? In this regard, we analyze it from a scientific point of view. When the sun suddenly disappears, the solar system will have no light source and heat source, and the solar radiation will disappear. Since it takes eight minutes for solar radiation to reach the earth, the earth will fall into darkness after eight minutes. This kind of darkness is different from our present night. It’s really invisible.

The reason is also very simple, our present night is due to the rotation of the earth, the sun itself has not disappeared, and because the moon can reflect the sun’s light, it can bring a ray of sunlight to the present night sky. When the sun disappears, the moon has no reflection, we will never see the moon again, and the night will be darker.

Of course, we can see some stars in the sky. Except for a few planets, most of the stars we see at night are stars from the solar system, which can emit strong radiation, so we can see them at night on the earth, but the brightness produced by these stars is much weaker than that of the moon.

With the disappearance of the sun, the earth will be in darkness forever. Without sunlight, plants will die out in large numbers, and herbivores will begin to die out, followed by carnivores. Of course, the earth into darkness is not the most terrible, more terrible is that the earth’s humidity will drop rapidly. At first, the humidity dropped and people were able to survive by heating.


What’s really fatal is that when the humidity drops to minus 60 degrees, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere begins to liquefy. You should know that carbon dioxide is an important greenhouse gas, which can make the earth form a greenhouse film. Once the carbon dioxide is liquefied, the greenhouse film will disappear and the sky will rain with carbon dioxide. The earth’s humidity will drop sharply, running close to absolute zero. There will be no life on the surface of the earth at this time.

Of course, human beings are intelligent life. With the help of science and technology, at the moment when the sun disappears, human beings will realize the seriousness of the problem and start to build underground cities quickly to meet the coming ice age. Can underground cities protect human survival and let human beings continue? The answer is very difficult.

Although the earth’s interior is a high-temperature environment, the construction of underground cities, relying on underground heat and human science and technology for heating, can protect human beings from freezing, but the underground living space is limited, coupled with food and other crises, only a very small number of human beings can finally survive underground, most of them will stay on the earth’s surface forever, frozen by the coming ice age.


Even if human beings live underground, it is difficult to avoid the ultimate extinction, because of the huge risk from outside the earth. When the sun disappears, the solar system will not be bound by the sun’s gravity, the whole galaxy will fall into a chaotic state, the orbits of the planets will be completely changed, the planets will become wandering planets, the asteroids will fly everywhere, and the celestial body impact will happen all the time.

In addition to the sun, there is also a huge Jupiter in the solar system. After the sun disappears, Jupiter will become the most massive celestial body. Its gravity will pull the surrounding planets. Venus, earth, Mars, etc. may be pulled by Jupiter’s gravity and gradually approach Jupiter. If the earth is lucky enough, it may enter the orbit of Jupiter and survive as a Jupiter of Jupiter. But the probability is too low to happen.

Once the earth is pulled close to Jupiter by Jupiter’s gravity, the mass ratio of the earth to Jupiter is more likely to crash directly into Jupiter and destroy it. If the earth is very lucky not to be pulled by Jupiter’s gravity, but to become a wandering planet to fly out of the solar system, there is a great possibility of collision with other planets, which is countless times more dangerous than the wandering planet of the earth in wandering planet.

Wandering in a disordered galaxy, the probability of being hit by celestial bodies is very high. Once the earth has a direct impact with other celestial bodies, the earth will become debris and be completely destroyed, and human nature can not avoid being destroyed together with the earth. Thus, the disappearance of the sun will be a devastating disaster for the earth and human beings.


Is there really no hope for mankind? Of course, it is not. If human beings have become interstellar civilization and have the ability of interstellar migration, there will be no problem. Once the sun disappears, we can leave the earth directly, leave the solar system and emigrate to other planets, so human civilization can continue. From this, we can see that we should speak with strength. As long as the scientific and technological strength of human beings is strong enough, we can deal with all possible cosmic disasters.

Although the disappearance of the sun is impossible, but the extinction of the sun is something that will happen in the future. Once the hydrogen inside the sun is burned out, the sun’s nuclear fusion will stop burning without burning, and then the sun will continue to expand and collapse into a white dwarf. The destruction of the sun will devour the orbit of the earth, and also bring devastating disaster to the earth. At that time, if human civilization wanted to continue, it also needed to migrate to planets outside the solar system. Of course, this kind of thing will happen 5 billion years later. At that time, human civilization had already become a powerful interstellar civilization, and naturally could easily cope with the extinction of the sun.

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