If the time machine sent you back 65 million years ago, how would it inform mankind?

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The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. After the earth stabilized, simple life was born soon. After a long time of evolution, life became more and more advanced, and finally human beings were born.

Although most people think that human beings are the only intelligent life ever born in the history of life on earth, some scientists are still looking for evidence of the existence of prehistoric civilization. To prove the existence of prehistoric civilization, we must find some relics left by prehistoric civilization. Unfortunately, we have not found such relics yet.


Some people may say that if a prehistoric civilization was born tens of millions of years ago or hundreds of millions of years ago, the merciless knife of time will erase all traces, leaving no traces of civilization at all. In addition to speculation that prehistoric civilization once existed, others speculate that there may be future people who accidentally travel through time and space and return to the past. So someone raised such an interesting topic: if the time machine sent you back 65 million years ago, how could you let human know?

65 million years ago was the age of dinosaurs. At that time, the earth continent had been divided into five parts by one continent, so the geological activities at that time were basically stable. There will be no more violent global plate movements. If you go back to 65 million years ago and want to leave some traces to let the 65 million years later know your existence, which methods are more reliable?

If we just go back to hundreds of years ago, thousands of years ago, and want to leave some traces for people to know, there will be many ways, such as carving words on ceramics and burying them in a large tomb. As long as modern archaeologists just open the tomb, we can know that there is a future through the words on ceramics to go back thousands of years ago.

The reason why there are many ways to remind future generations of your existence hundreds of years ago and thousands of years ago is that the erasing ability of this time is limited, otherwise many things thousands of years ago can not be preserved. But if time goes to 65 million years ago, many methods will not work. Even if you engrave your experience on a stone and then put it underground, after 65 million years, the stone may continue to corrode and weathering, and lose the text.


Some people suggest that you can find resin and then wrap some evidence of your existence in it to make a specimen and pass it down. But in fact, resin does have a very good storage capacity. Archaeologists have found many amber specimens, which contain some animal and plant specimens from a long time ago. But these amber specimens are far from 65 million years.

Others suggest that you can find dinosaur bones and carve characters on them. If these dinosaur bones are lucky enough to become fossil specimens, they may be preserved until now, so that archaeologists can find out your existence. So is this method feasible? In fact, it’s very difficult. Whether it’s animals or plants, there’s very little chance that they will eventually become fossils. It’s only possible under extremely coincidental circumstances.

After the death of a normal animal, it can not become a fossil, and its bones can not go through 65 million years at all. After 65 million years, the probability of being able to turn into fossils and amber, and then being accidentally discovered by modern people, is probably much lower than your chance of winning the lottery several times in a row. Of course, although the probability is very low, there is still a certain possibility of success.


If the dinosaur bones you engraved are sealed in rocks and become fossils by chance, after 65 million years, it is still possible to survive and be discovered by archaeologists. When archaeologists find such dinosaur fossils, and then zoom in, it is possible to find the words you left on the dinosaur bones, so as to know your existence.

However, 65 million years is too long. The topography of the past is totally different from that of the present. No matter how much evidence you leave, even if it can survive to the present, it will be scattered and buried in deep rocks, which is hard to find. In this case, can we not find a safer and more hopeful way to succeed? Of course not.

In fact, there is a method with a relatively high success rate, which is to search for landforms and landforms that have not changed significantly 65 million years ago. As long as you find such landforms, and then save some evidence or words of your existence in this place, it is possible to avoid the geological activities that occurred during 65 million years, so that the evidence can be preserved.

So is there such a landform on the earth? Through exploration and research, scientists have discovered several geomorphic structures that have been preserved since ancient times. For example, the Ayers Rock in Australia, which is said to date back to the Cambrian, and the Acosta gneiss complex in Canada, which has a history of 3.8 billion years.


After finding such a landscape structure, the next step is how to leave evidence of your existence, and then keep them until 65 million years later. In order to achieve this, it is not natural for ordinary lettering to leave evidence. For example, after 65 million years of weathering, the lettering will not exist at that time.

So it’s time-consuming and laborious to leave evidence. First, we need to dig a deep cave where we find it, which goes deep into the rock. It’s a very time-consuming job. After the cave is built, characters are engraved on the rock wall inside the cave. After the characters are engraved, the cave is completely sealed, making it a cave without oxygen.

After such treatment, the cave can be preserved for tens of millions of years without loss. The dry and oxygen free environment inside can also well preserve the written records you left behind. When scientists accidentally discover this cave in the future, they will know your existence through the words left on it.


It can be seen that if time travel really exists, if you want to go back to the distant past and leave some evidence for future generations to know that you are a traveller, there are still some ways to do it. If you just go through thousands of years ago, there are many ways to leave evidence, because even if you carve characters on rocks, they can’t be completely weathered in thousands of years. If it is preserved in the tomb, it is able to survive.

Through the continuous exploration and research of archaeologists, until now, no such evidence has been found, so it may be just a kind of fantasy for people to travel through time and space. Just imagine, if you go back to ancient times one day, will you leave some evidence for future generations to know your existence? I believe many people will do this. If Xiaobian encounters such a thing one day, it is inevitable to leave a trace for future generations to know.

Guys, if you travel back to ancient times, will you leave some evidence in your lifetime to let future generations know the authenticity of time travel? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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