If the universe came from the big bang, how did the singularity come from?

Hundreds of years ago, after thousands of years of development, human civilization finally entered the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science and technology, human beings began to explore the mystery of all things and the essence of things. In the eyes of scientists, the universe is the ultimate goal of human exploration. Only when the mystery of the universe is solved, maybe human can really become the God of the universe.

There are many mysteries of the universe, and the origin of the universe is the most interesting one for scientists. Scientists have different views on the origin of the universe. In the 20th century, there were mainly two theories about the origin of the universe, one was the steady-state theory, and the other was the big bang theory.

The so-called steady-state theory is that scientists think that the universe is a static and stable environment. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, scientists have found many mysteries about the universe, which are difficult to explain with the steady-state theory. On the contrary, the big bang theory can explain many mysteries of the universe, so in the end, the singularity Big Bang has become the mainstream theory of the origin of the universe in the scientific community.


Although we have no direct evidence to prove that the universe originated from the big bang, scientists have found that many cosmic phenomena can be explained by the big bang theory through a large number of cosmic observations, such as the expansion of the universe. Through a large number of observations, scientists found that the distance between galaxies is expanding, that is, the universe is expanding rapidly.

The theory of cosmic expansion is the most powerful support of the big bang theory. Now more and more people agree with the singularity theory. This theory tells us that the universe originated from the big bang of singularity 13.8 billion years ago. A mysterious singularity gathered infinite energy, and then under strong pressure, there was a big bang, so our universe was born.

If the universe came from the big bang, many people will have such a question: How did the singularity come from? I believe many people want to understand this matter. Singularity is described by modern science. It is an energy aggregate with infinite mass and infinitesimal volume.

Such a small thing gathers the energy of the whole universe. As we all know, according to Einstein’s mass energy equation, energy and matter can actually be transformed into each other. Before the birth of the universe, there was no matter, only this singularity. After the big bang of the singularity, super powerful energy was released instantly, and this energy began to transform into various basic substances. Finally, these basic substances evolved into everything in the universe step by step.


In the early days, the temperature of the universe was very high, it should be more than 10 billion degrees. Of course, the density of the universe at that time was also very high. But at that time, the universe was relatively simple, with only some basic tiny particles, such as neutrons, electrons and neutrinos. With the expansion of the universe, the temperature is also decreasing. When the temperature of the universe drops, some chemical elements, such as hydrogen and helium, appear.

Hydrogen and helium formed early stars, and stars refined hydrogen and helium through nuclear fusion to form other kinds of elemental matter. When a star reaches the end of its life, a supernova explosion occurs, which is also a process of evolution of elemental matter. Heavier elements appear in the supernova explosion.

With these rich elements and materials, the present rich and colorful space has been continuously formed. So what is the origin of this mysterious singularity in the big bang? In fact, for this, no one can give a definite answer, nothing can be made out of nothing, the universe is so, so is the singularity.


The universe came from the big bang of singularity, so this singularity must have its origin, which may involve a deeper mystery of the universe. Some people once put forward the theory of cosmic reincarnation. They thought that the universe, like stars, has a lifetime. After the big bang, its expansion may not be infinite. When it expands to a certain extent, the universe begins to shrink. This is the time when the universe enters the countdown to life.

With the continuous collapse of the universe, the celestial bodies and matter in the universe will collapse and re transform into various basic particles. As the universe continues to collapse, these elementary particles will return to the energy state again, and the temperature will get higher and higher. Finally, everything in the universe will be compressed to an infinitely small thing. This thing is the singularity.

If there is such a cycle in the universe, it means that our universe may be the continuation of the last universe, and the singularity is formed after the destruction of the last universe. As its volume continues to shrink, the pressure will increase, and finally there will be another big bang. In this way, a new universe was born and a new round of cosmic reincarnation began.

In addition, there is another possible source of singularity, which is man-made. Some people may say that when the singularity exists, our universe has not yet been born. How can anyone create a singularity? In fact, the man-made man in Xiaobian does not refer to the advanced civilization of our universe, but refers to the advanced civilization from other universes.


I believe many friends have heard of the pluralistic cosmology, which is also a conjecture put forward by scientists. Some scientists speculate that the universe may be pluralistic. In addition to our universe, there is a broader and mysterious space, in which there are countless kinds of universe.

Naturally, different universes are born at different times. Some universes may have just been born, while others may have been born for millions or tens of millions of years. Those powerful civilizations in the ancient universe, whose scientific and technological strength is far beyond our imagination, may have understood the essence of the universe and the ultimate mystery of the universe.

I believe many friends know that the power of science and technology is infinite. As long as science and technology is powerful enough, it is not impossible to create all things, life and even the universe. It is possible that powerful civilizations in the ancient universe outside the universe created a universe, created a singularity, and then detonated in the vast space outside the universe, resulting in the birth of a new universe.


Although many people think this conjecture is nonsense, there is no eternal truth on the road of science. No one can know how powerful technology will be when it reaches the end. It may really be equivalent to the role of Creator.

If the universe can really be created, then we need to rethink the origin of our universe. Of course, these are far away from us. For human beings, the first thing we should strive to achieve is interstellar civilization. Only with the ability of interstellar shuttle exploration can we hope to solve the mystery of the universe step by step and finally understand what the universe is?

My friends, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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