If the universe civilization can be divided into seven levels, which level is human? The answer makes us silent

Life is the most magical and complex thing since the birth of the universe. Nothing can compare with the greatness of life, but even such a great life is not omnipotent. In the face of all kinds of natural disasters, it will also appear very small.

The earth has a long life history of 4 billion years. In such a long time, there are tens of millions of kinds of life, but these kinds of life have not been able to continue. But in all kinds of ecological disasters, the dinosaurs continue to disappear. Even the dinosaurs, who dominated the earth for 160 million years 65 million years ago, were also extinct due to the impact of an asteroid.

After the end of the age of dinosaurs, mammals began to rise, and humans were born millions of years ago. Human beings are different from other creatures. We are intelligent life. We dominate the earth by wisdom and become the top of the food chain.


Although human beings are intelligent life, we deeply know that nature is still something we need to revere. When facing the disaster of nature, human beings still have no good means to deal with it. However, as human beings enter the era of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, we finally have the courage to face nature. With the confidence and hope of conquering nature.

With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings quickly walk out of the earth and see the vast universe. Only when we really walk out of the earth can we know how small the earth is. At this time, human beings have a greater goal, that is, to become the overlord of the universe.

I believe every human being is looking forward to the dream of becoming the overlord of the universe. But when we really see the vastness of the universe, we have to think about such a question, that is, does intelligent life like human beings exist in the universe?


From the perspective of the vastness of the universe and the age of the universe, we have to admit the fact that the probability of the existence of alien civilization is basically 100%. If alien civilizations exist, the strength of civilizations will be different due to different times of birth and development. Some may be weaker than human beings, while others may be much stronger than human beings.

So how to divide the strength of cosmic civilization? In the early 1960s, kaldaschov, a cosmologist of the former Soviet Union, assumed a three-level model of cosmic civilization according to the level and total amount of energy that civilization could master and use. Later, another scientist extended this three-level model to seven levels, that is, the strength of cosmic civilization can be divided into seven levels.

The first-class cosmic civilization can be called planetary civilization, that is, it can use all the energy and resources on the parent star. We know that the place where any civilization first developed was on the planet. As a living planet, there must be a lot of resources and energy.


These resources and energy are the key to the development of intelligent civilization. As long as we can make full use of the resources on the planet, this civilization can be upgraded to a first-class civilization step by step. When we can make full use of the resources on the parent planet, we will really become the overlord of the earth, not only dominating the biological world, but also surpassing the nature, truly mastering the nature and making it serve us.

If human beings reach this stage, then we are the God of the earth. We have the supreme ability on the earth. Nature does not have to refute human beings, but can only serve at the request of human beings. Unlike now, nature often goes crazy, causing damage and loss to ecology and human beings.

The secondary cosmic civilization is a stellar civilization, which means that it can use all the resources of the whole galaxy. Let’s take the solar system as an example. It is the stellar system where human beings live. The solar system has a very wide range. If we include the Oort cloud, its diameter can reach 2 light-years.


In such a wide range, there is no way for human beings to exploit resources. But when we become a second-class civilization, the solar system is our back garden. We can set up mining bases on various planets and collect the resources of various planets for our use.

At this time, human beings also have the ability to travel freely through the solar system, and can initially go out of the solar system and explore the nearby starry sky. In addition to these planetary resources, the most important resource of the solar system is the stellar sun.

After becoming a second-class civilization, we will have the technology for preliminary application of solar energy. Super man-made buildings like the Dyson sphere that absorb stellar energy will also be built. Of course, because of the huge resources needed to build a complete version of the Dyson sphere, it may not be possible to integrate the resources of all the planets in the solar system. Therefore, in the second stage of civilization, we have to build a simple version of the Dyson ball to meet the needs of human development.


The third level civilization is galactic civilization, which means that the resources of the whole galaxy can be used. Human beings, for example, are the resources of the entire galaxy. The diameter of the Milky way reaches 100000 light-years. With such a vast space, it is difficult to exploit the application resources. The most important thing is the ability to fly faster than light.

Without the speed of super light, we would not be able to travel all over the galaxy, and naturally we would not be able to use the resources of the whole galaxy. Therefore, after reaching the third level civilization stage, we have initially mastered some space jumping technologies, and can initially realize the speed of light shuttle. It can easily shuttle between various star systems and exploit resources.

After reaching the third level of civilization, because resources are no longer a problem, we can build a complete version of the Dyson sphere at this time to truly surround the stars and absorb energy. The third level civilization can be called the intermediate cosmic civilization, and it is already a relatively strong strength in the cosmic civilization.


The fourth level civilization, also known as interstellar civilization, can travel between different galaxies. Although the third level civilization has mastered the preliminary space leaping technology, it has not yet been able to shuttle between the major star systems. However, after the fourth level civilization, space technology has gone further and can leap further. You can go to other large galaxies to explore and exploit resources, completely free from the constraints of the Milky way.

The fifth level civilization is the dimension civilization. After reaching this stage, civilization has begun to break away from the primary space application and rise to the dimension. Now scientists have put forward the conjecture about the multidimensional universe, but it may take five levels of cosmic civilization to really understand what the dimension is and make primary application.

After mastering the preliminary dimensional technology, we can break space-time and enter other dimensional spaces. After mastering the ability to break space-time, we also have the ability to make wormholes. We can go further in the three-dimensional universe and reach every corner of the universe. There is nothing in this universe that can bind us.


The sixth level cosmic civilization is a real advanced civilization. They have the ability to break the barriers of the universe, and they can run out of the universe and go to other parallel universes. Maybe when a civilization reaches level 6, they will leave the universe and go to the big world outside the universe. For a high-level civilization, our universe is just a small space.

The seven level cosmic civilization is the ultimate civilization, which can also be called divine civilization. They have mastered all the mysteries of the universe and are not bound by the rules of the universe. Time and space are the ultimate goals they want to explore. For a seven level civilization, the universe can shuttle freely, change the rules of the universe freely, and even create a new universe.

I believe that all of us are looking forward to the civilization at all levels above, especially the civilization at level 7. So what level of civilization does human beings belong to under this criterion? If careful friends may already know the answer, it is that human beings are not even a first-class civilization.


We have not yet been able to use all the resources on the earth. We have not defeated nature and become the supreme ruler of the earth. According to the research of scientists, mankind can only be regarded as a 0.7 level civilization at most. Although it is only 0.3 level away from the level 1 civilization, it may take at least hundreds of years to reach it.

It will take a long time to become a more advanced civilization or even the ultimate seven level civilization. Even from the birth of the universe to the present, it is still unknown whether there is a civilization above six levels. According to the standard of civilization classification, the sixth level civilization has been able to travel around the universe easily and freely, and basically understand everything in the universe.

If civilization above level 6 really exists, then the existence of the earth and human beings may have been known for a long time, and they may have contact with human beings. Even if there is no direct contact, people may know their existence, but the reality is that we have not found any trace of the existence of alien civilization. In this case, either the alien civilization does not exist, or the level of strength of the alien civilization is not high, and there is no way to travel freely through the galaxy and across the space.


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