If the water from the Yangtze River is introduced into the Taklimakan Desert, can the desert be turned into an oasis?

The earth is a blue planet from space, mainly because 71% of the earth’s surface area is ocean, and only 29% of the land area. About a third of the 29% of the land area is desert. The formation of the desert is mainly the result of human activities, especially after the human entered the road of scientific and technological development, the process of human civilization has accelerated, at the same time, the damage to the environment is also serious, and desertification is also aggravating.

Now every spring or the beginning, many cities in the north will be invaded by sandstorms, with yellow sand all over the sky. People have to wear masks when they go out. Even Beijing, the capital, can not avoid the invasion of sandstorms and frequent haze weather. The weather in the North has something to do with the desert in the northwest. Fortunately, afforestation has been going on all the time, and it can also effectively resist the invasion of part of the yellow sand. Otherwise, we can’t imagine whether the people in the north can still live well.

Scientists have long realized the harm of desert to human beings. If the desert is not effectively controlled, the living space of human beings will be less and less. In a few hundred years, maybe the whole North will be engulfed by desert. But it’s not so easy to govern. The most effective way to control the desert is to plant trees in the desert, let the trees fix the sand, and then with the passage of time, let the sand change to the soil, to achieve the ultimate goal of sand control.


However, afforestation can not do without water, if there is no water, the trees can not survive. What is most lacking in desert is water, which is also the most difficult point to control. Someone once proposed such an idea to harness the Taklimakan Desert, the largest desert in China: the water from the Yangtze River will be introduced into the Taklimakan Desert, so that the desert will not be short of water, and a large number of trees can be planted, which can completely solve the desert problem that makes countless people headache.

This assumption and scheme is correct in theory. Indeed, if all the water from the Yangtze River is introduced into the Taklimakan Desert, then the whole Tarim basin may become a great lake in the Tarim Basin. Naturally, the desert problem will be solved and the desert will become an oasis. But in reality, can this idea be realized? The answer is No.

The water storage capacity of the Yangtze River is as high as 950 billion cubic meters, which is enough to make the Taklimakan Desert become a sea of water. However, it is very difficult to bring the water of the Yangtze River into the desert. This is almost an impossible project for the current science and technology. It not only needs a lot of money, but also faces a lot of technical problems, and costs a lot of manpower and financial resources And material resources, in the end may also be a failure of the project, will eventually fail.

In addition to the problems of human, financial, material and technological resources, there is also a more important problem, that is, the water of the Yangtze River cannot flow out easily. Although 71% of the earth’s surface is ocean, we all know that seawater cannot be directly drunk. In fact, there are not many freshwater lakes and rivers in the world. Both the Yellow River and the Yangtze River are freshwater resources in China, which plays an important role in solving the water problem of our people. And the Yangtze River is also responsible for the water use problems of many cities in the middle and lower reaches. If there is no water in the Yangtze River, these cities may fall into a state of no water available, and there may be serious consequences at that time.


Therefore, the water of the Yangtze River can’t move, which also doomed that the idea of introducing the water of the Yangtze River into the Taklimakan desert is just a beautiful fantasy. Now the limitation of technology can’t be realized. Even if the technology is broken through in the future, it can’t be done.

If the Taklimakan Desert wants to become an oasis without the introduction of water from the Yangtze River, we can only find other ways. However, if we want to transform the Taklimakan desert into an oasis, we must solve the problem of water. If there is no water, the transformation of the desert is an empty talk and an impossible task. So how does desert water come from? The water from the Yangtze River can not be imported, and it is difficult to import the water from the sea. Moreover, the sea water is not a light fire. Even if there is a way to import it, it needs to be filtered and evolved. Otherwise, when the sea water enters the desert, although there is water, it will also turn the desert into saline land. At that time, it will be more difficult to grow plants.

In addition to draining water into the desert, there is another way to make the desert have water, that is, rain. However, we all know that the desert climate is very dry, and the annual rainfall is very little. This rainfall does not work for the desert at all, only continuous rainstorm can have an effect. It’s almost impossible to make the desert rainstorm and rely on the natural weather flow. Unless God is kind enough to send a continuous rainstorm to the Taklimakan Desert, the water problem will be solved naturally. But such a good thing can only be done by chance. The Taklimakan desert has been formed for tens of thousands of years, and nothing like this has happened.


Therefore, if we want to turn the desert into an oasis, we still need people’s wisdom to solve it. The current science and technology can not effectively transform the desert. What we can do is to plant a large number of trees outside the desert to block the desert and slow down the trend of desertification. With the rapid development of science and technology, there must be a way to use science and technology to solve the problem of desert and turn desert into oasis in the future.

Perhaps many people are curious: what scientific and technological means will be available to solve the problem of water shortage in the desert in the future? In fact, there is a technology that can solve this problem, that is weather weapons. At present, meteorological weapons are still in the stage of scientists’ conceptual research, and there is still a long way to go before they can be realized. Meteorological weapons can change and control the weather, and its scientific principle is to change all kinds of airflow movements that affect the weather.

For example, rain is a natural phenomenon, a drop of water falling from a cloud. Water on the surface of land and sea evaporates into water vapor, which rises to a certain height and then liquefies into small droplets when it is cold. These small droplets form clouds, where they collide with each other and merge into large droplets. When it is too big for the air to hold, it falls from the clouds and forms rain.

As we all know, if it is going to rain, it must first form clouds. Where the clouds move, it will rain. But we can’t control the movement of cloud and rain layer now, but it’s different with meteorological weapons. It can change the movement of cloud layer at will, so that it will go where it goes. In this way, we can use meteorological weapons to move the rain clouds formed on the sea or other places over the desert, and then use airplanes to sprinkle some cooling materials used in artificial rainfall, so that the rain layer over the desert begins to rain, and the problem of desert water is solved.


With a lot of water in the desert, it will be much easier to plant plants or trees. Slowly, the desert soil will continue to improve and become soil, and the desert will become an oasis. The power of science and technology is inexhaustible. It has made mankind realize the dream of going out of the earth. In the future, it will also make mankind realize the desire of turning desert into oasis.

My friends, what do you think of the transformation from desert to oasis? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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