If the Yangtze River water is introduced into the Taklimakan Desert, can the desert be turned into an oasis?

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. This is a beautiful blue planet. We should take good care of and protect our home, but human activities make the ecological environment of the earth worse and worse.

I believe that friends living in the north can feel the sandstorm every spring, the yellow sand covering the sky, and the very severe haze weather also makes people unbearable. Even cities like Beijing can’t avoid sandstorms and haze.

The main reason why sandstorm weather appears in the north in recent years is the yellow sand from the northwest, which is the reason why the land is constantly desertified. The land area of the earth is only 29% of the global area, one third of which is desert. China is also a country with large desert area.


The reason why the earth has such a large desert area is closely related to human activities. The main reason is the disappearance of a large number of vegetation. The land is not bound by vegetation. When the wind blows, the Loess disappears, and finally leaves heavy sand. Moreover, with the continuous deterioration of the earth’s ecological environment, desertification is also advancing. Therefore, scientists have been actively thinking about harnessing the desert It’s the best way.

The best way to control the desert is afforestation. As long as there are enough plants, the problem of desert can be solved. However, in order to plant trees on a large scale in the desert, besides plants that can grow stably in the desert, another important thing is water.

If there is no water, it is difficult for plants to multiply in the desert. Due to the dry climate of the desert, there is very little rain in a year. Even if it rains, there is very little rainfall, which can not meet the water requirement for the growth of trees. So someone came up with a way to drain, that is, to drain the water out into the desert.

The largest desert in China is the Taklimakan Desert, which is located in the center of the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang, covering an area of about 330000 square kilometers. This is a very large area. You should know that China’s total area is only 9.6 million square kilometers, which is equivalent to one third of China’s area, larger than most provinces.


Such a vast desert area, if it can become an oasis, it is of great significance to our country, so scientists have been trying to actively think of ways to transform the Taklimakan Desert. It needs a lot of water to transform the desert, so some people think of introducing a large amount of the Yangtze River into the Taklimakan desert to transform the desert and turn the desert into an oasis. Is this method really feasible? If the Yangtze River water is introduced into the Taklimakan Desert, can the desert be turned into an oasis?

First of all, we have no doubt that if the annual flow of the Yangtze River as high as 950 billion cubic meters can be introduced into the Taklimakan Desert, the whole Tarim basin may become a great lake in the Tarim Basin, which must be a super large oasis. Of course, the problem of desertification control can be solved.

However, if you think about the actual situation, you will find that this is almost an impossible project. How much manpower and financial resources are needed? Moreover, there are many complicated technical problems involved, which can not be solved with our current technology.


Even if the technical problem of introducing the Yangtze River water into the Taklimakan desert is solved in the future, there will be a lot of money, manpower and material resources to do this, but we still can’t do this work. The reason is that the Yangtze River is too important for our country. It is a huge reservoir of fresh water resources in our country. Many cities and people in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River need to rely on the Yangtze River water to survive, such as If there is no water in the Yangtze River, the shortage of fresh water resources will be very serious, which will seriously affect China’s water use.

At the same time, the Yangtze River itself is an important ecological point, and its existence plays an important role in stabilizing the ecosystem. Once a large amount of water in the Yangtze River is lost, it may cause more serious ecological and environmental problems, and may cause some unknown natural disasters. Therefore, the water in the Yangtze River cannot move, and it must have a certain amount of water.

If only a small amount of water is introduced into the Taklimakan Desert, it will not play much role in 330000 square kilometers of desert. Therefore, to solve the problem of water shortage in the Taklimakan Desert, it is not feasible to introduce water from the Yangtze River. In order to solve the water source problem here, we should think of other ways.

If there is not enough water, it is unrealistic to plant a large number of trees in the Taklimakan Desert. Even drought tolerant trees need a certain amount of water to moisten them. This is why scientists have no idea about the Taklimakan desert until now. Although some measures have been taken to prevent wind and fix sand, and a large number of trees have been planted in the periphery of the desert, if the root causes can not be solved, these trees can hardly stop the wind and sand. From the increasingly severe sandstorm in the north in recent years, it can be seen that desertification is still continuing.


If we want to turn the Taklimakan desert into an oasis, we need trees and water resources. It is unrealistic to rely on natural rain. Then there is only one way that can be realized in the future, that is, meteorological weapons. This is a device that can change the operation of the atmosphere. Once it is realized in the future, it can call the wind and rain wherever it wants.

Of course, meteorological weapons are still in the stage of theoretical research. We do not know when they will succeed. Perhaps in the future, before the appearance of meteorological weapons, scientists have found other technical methods to solve the problem of turning desert into oasis. At that time, China will have another 330000 square kilometers of oasis, which is of great significance.

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