If the “zoo theory” is correct, what is the purpose of the alien civilization?

When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, the discussion about alien civilization appears. With the continuous improvement of human’s knowledge of the universe, there are more and more topics about alien civilization. Do people want to know the existence of alien civilization? What do they look like? How powerful is science and technology?

There are many conjecture theories about alien civilization, among which the famous one is “Fermi paradox”, which is an important problem raised by Nobel Prize winner and physicist Fermi in an informal scientific discussion in 1950.

According to scientists’ understanding of the universe, the number of intelligent life planets in a galaxy may be about one million, and the galaxy is just a grain of dust in the whole universe, so the intelligent civilization of the whole universe will be beyond estimation. So many alien civilizations, why can’t we find one? Fermi’s query has led the scientific community to think deeply. If there are a large number of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the galaxy, why can’t we even see such evidence as spaceships or probes.


After the emergence of “Fermi paradox”, many scientists have also derived three conjectures. First, there is no alien civilization at all. Second, alien civilization once existed, but later disappeared. Third, alien civilization is around us, but we can’t find it. No one can give a definite answer to which of the three conjectures derived from “Fermi paradox” is normal.

However, most people do not think that alien civilization does not exist. According to the exploration of the universe by scientists in recent decades, the existence of alien civilization is inevitable, and many alien civilizations are very powerful, far beyond our imagination. So in recent years, someone has put forward a “zoo theory”, which has been supported by many people.

What is “zoo theory”? In fact, this theory can also be called “Laboratory Theory”. Some people think that the earth or the entire solar system is just a biological laboratory of advanced civilization, and earth life, including human beings, is one of the experimental objects. There are many zoos in human civilization. In zoos, we confine many animals to observe and study their behaviors and activities.

However, some people also have such a question: if the “zoo theory” is correct, what is the purpose of the alien civilization to do so? Why don’t advanced civilizations let us find out? People often go to zoos to observe animals. Although animals are not intelligent life, they also know the existence of human beings and the power and horror of human beings.


Even if humans do experiments with mice and observe all their behaviors, they will not be completely isolated. Mice also know the existence of humans. In this case, why do we not know the existence of advanced civilization at all? What is the purpose of alien civilization?

Different people may have different views on this, but Xiaobian thinks that the purpose of alien civilization is to study the mystery of life. What is the most complex and mysterious thing since the birth of the universe? I believe many people will answer life. Yes, life is the most mysterious and precious thing in the universe. The mystery of life may be the ultimate mystery of the universe. To uncover the mystery of life may also uncover the mystery of the universe.

Any intelligent civilization, as long as it develops to a certain stage, will certainly start the exploration and research of life. After entering the era of science and technology, human beings naturally began to explore the mystery of life and crack the code of life gene. Human beings will do this, and so will alien civilizations. Moreover, the more powerful civilizations are, the more they will understand what life means to the universe?


However, it is not easy to uncover the mystery of life. Even if the advanced civilization, which is more powerful than human beings, may have cracked the gene code, it is far from truly revealing the mystery of life. In order to reveal the mystery of life, we need a lot of observation experiments, and this kind of experiment is the process from the origin of life to the growth of intelligent life.

We all know that human beings have evolved step by step from the most primitive simple life. So how life evolved from simple life to intelligent life is a huge mystery. To solve this mystery, we have to observe the whole process. So advanced civilizations in the universe may choose many planets like the earth to do this experiment at the same time.

Advanced civilizations sprinkle the simplest seeds of life on these selected planets, then record the whole process and observe the origin, evolution and evolution of life. Of course, this process is very long. The birth of human beings took billions of years of life evolution to complete.

It is possible that for advanced civilizations, the ultimate goal of their experiment in exploring the mysteries of life is to produce intelligent life. The day when intelligent life is born also marks the end of the experiment, and the alien civilization has collected enough experimental data. At the same time, it will give up monitoring the planet and let the born intelligent life develop naturally.


It is possible that before the birth of human beings, advanced civilizations often came to the earth to observe the evolution of life until the day of the birth of human beings. It is also possible that after the birth of human beings, alien civilizations came to the earth from time to time to observe the evolution and development of human beings. However, at that time, human beings did not know that they were alien civilizations. Instead, they thought that they were gods. Therefore, many myths and legends were handed down in ancient times. Some people think that the ancient myths and legends spread on the earth may not be legends, but things that actually happened in ancient times.

Of course, no one knows whether these conjectures are correct. The reason why the “zoo theory” is supported by more and more people has a lot to do with the rapid development of human science and technology. We need to know that if human beings can also crack the genetic code in the future and create simple seeds of life, will we go to other galaxies and choose a suitable planet for life evolution experiments? The answer is yes.

If human beings have mastered the ability of interstellar navigation and the technology of creating the seeds of simple life, we naturally want to understand how simple life evolved into intelligent life step by step through evolution. To carry out this experiment, ordinary laboratories can’t do it. We must choose a suitable ecological planet. Only through such experiments can we really uncover the mysteries of life and the universe.


When the development of human science and technology to a certain extent, we will do this kind of life mystery exploration experiment, then the advanced civilization in the universe which is much more advanced than human beings will naturally do this kind of experiment. It is possible that quite a number of life planets in the vast universe come from this way, and through such experiments, simple life is easier to evolve into intelligent life.

The reason is that there is a high-level civilization monitoring behind it. Once a large-scale extinction disaster is found threatening the experimental objects, the high-level civilization will intervene. Through the study of the solar system and the earth’s surrounding areas, scientists have indeed found some unusual things, such as the huge Jupiter in front of the earth and the huge moon around the earth. It is a lot of coincidence that the evolution of life on earth can be safe and smooth, otherwise a huge asteroid impact can destroy all life.

The more we know about the universe, the more we will feel the extraordinary of the earth and the birth of human beings. To solve these mysteries, we have to work hard to develop science and technology. If the earth is really the laboratory of advanced civilization, maybe after human beings become interstellar civilization, they will be able to meet the advanced civilization that created the life of the earth in the universe. It is also possible that all human activities are still under the monitoring of advanced civilization. The reason why we do not contact us now may be that we think that the level of human civilization is too low.

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