If there are four levels of civilization in the universe, which level are human beings in? You may not believe it

Since the singularity explosion, the powerful energy of the universe has been transformed into stars, planets and other celestial bodies, and these celestial bodies have gradually formed different galaxies. The solar system was formed five billion years ago, and eight little brothers followed the sun. They were the eight planets in the solar system. The earth is the only living planet among the eight planets.

If the earth is just a planet of life, there is nothing to be proud of. The universe is so big, I believe there are many planets of life. But the earth is proud that it was born in human beings millions of years ago. Since then, the planet of life has grown into a civilized planet and become a rare planet in the universe.

Human beings are also proud of being a rare intelligent civilization in the universe. People once thought that we were the only and powerful people in the universe. However, with the development of science and technology, after walking out of the earth and seeing the vast universe, our confidence and pride have disappeared. From the perspective of the universe, the earth is too small. And human science and technology even a small solar system can not go out, we still feel very strong?


When people walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they will think of a question: the universe is too big for us to imagine. Is there any other alien civilization in such a vast universe? If human beings dare to say that we are the only intelligent civilization in the universe, we believe that we are no different from frog in the well, but human beings are intelligent life, and can go out of the earth to explore the universe, which shows that human wisdom is extraordinary. Naturally, we will not make such a low-level mistake as frog in the well.

People believe that there is an alien civilization in the universe. The main reason why we can’t find it is that our science and technology are still very backward in front of the universe and we have no ability to find the existence of alien civilization. There is a question: how strong will alien civilization be? How do they compare with the strength of human civilization? What is the classification of cosmic civilization? What level are humans in?

In fact, as long as we understand the hierarchy of cosmic civilization, we can explain many problems. Since human beings have not really come into contact with the circle of cosmic civilization, we do not know how the hierarchy of cosmic civilization is divided. However, some scientists also put forward a conjecture that the strength of cosmic civilization is divided into four levels. Let’s take a look at these four levels There are three levels of classification criteria.

First class civilization can control all the resources and energy of its own parent planet. Take the earth where human beings live for example, when human beings can use all the energy on the earth, it means that human beings have entered the first class civilization. These energy sources include deep ocean energy, deep underground energy, nuclear fusion energy and so on. According to this classification standard, mankind is still far away from the first-class civilization. We can’t fully utilize the energy of the ocean, and the underground energy is even more difficult. However, controllable nuclear fusion still has a long way to go.


According to the standard of first-class civilization, human civilization can only be regarded as a 0.7-class civilization at most. It may take about a hundred years for human civilization to really enter the ranks of first-class civilization. At this time, I believe many people also realize that human beings are still weak in the cosmic civilization. Although we have come out of the earth and have some understanding of the universe, we still exist at the bottom of the cosmic civilization family.

Secondary civilization can use all the energy of the solar system. Taking the solar system as an example, when human beings can use all the energy of the solar system, including planetary energy, asteroid energy and stellar energy, it means that human civilization has reached secondary civilization. The speed of the human spaceship of the second level civilization has been improved qualitatively. It has preliminarily mastered the ability of light speed flight, and can leave the solar system to explore some nearby galaxies.

Entering the second level of civilization, mankind will usher in the great expansion of civilization. There are several colonial planets in the galaxy that can be explored, and mankind will also usher in the great development of immigration. At the same time, human beings have also initially come into contact with other alien civilizations outside the solar system. Their strength is not strong, and the strongest is only a second-class civilization. Many alien civilizations are not as powerful as human beings. Maybe we can also recruit some weak civilizations.


The third level civilization can use all the energy of the big galaxy. If human beings reach the third level civilization, all the resources and energy of the galaxy can be used by human beings. The third level civilization is already a very powerful existence in the family of cosmic civilization. At this time, human beings have mastered the technology of superluminal flight, and can explore anywhere in the galaxy. At the same time, they also have the ability to walk out of the galaxy.

The third level civilization may be the civilization standing at the top of the pyramid of the galaxy. It does not mean that there is no fourth level civilization in the galaxy. However, when a civilization reaches the fourth level, it will not shrink to the development of the galaxy. Instead, it will go to the center of the universe where many fourth level civilizations gather. Only in nahaoli can it be possible to explore the ultimate mystery of the universe Secret.

The fourth level civilization can use all the energy of the universe, and it is also the most powerful existence in our universe. The strength of the fourth level civilization is far beyond our imagination. They may have learned some truth about the universe and the origin and essence of the universe. The most important thing is that after reaching the fourth level civilization, it is possible to explore the whole universe. As we all know, the universe is vast and vast. Scientists believe that the universe, like planets, should have boundaries. But no one knows where the boundary of the universe is.

To reach the boundary of the universe, the spacecraft needs to be faster. Although the third level civilization has the ability to fly faster than light, it is far from being able to explore the whole universe. To fly to the boundary of the universe, you need to travel far faster than the speed of light. This is not the traditional superluminal flight, but another speed mode. This speed pattern is wormhole travel.


How fast does wormhole travel? It is possible that galaxies separated by millions of light-years can reach the wormhole in tens of seconds. How fast do you say. Only at this speed can we realize the dream of exploring the universe and reach the boundary of the universe. Only the fourth level civilization can open the wormhole. So is there a stronger existence above the fourth level civilization?

It’s hard to say that if there is a boundary in the universe, then the theory of multiverse may be established. There is a broader space beyond the universe, where there are countless universes, and our universe is just one of them. Countless universes represent different times of their birth. Our universe is 13.8 billion years old, and some universes may be 138 billion years old. The huge age gap also represents the civilization gap between the two universes.

It is possible that the existence of the fourth level civilization in our universe is just a common strength in an ancient universe. Of course, these are still some conjectures of scientists. It may be necessary for human beings to explore how to divide the civilization strength of the universe. Only when the civilization strength of human beings continues to improve, one day we can go out of the solar system and come into contact with those powerful alien civilizations in the galaxy, where can we learn the level and strength of the civilization of the universe Yes.


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