If there are four situations in your smart phone, you should be careful, it may be malicious monitoring

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The era of science and technology is also the era of information, and information security has always been an eternal topic of discussion. However, as the saying goes, even if your defense software is no matter how powerful, it will inevitably be invaded by malicious software. In the past, in the Internet age, we heard more about computer viruses and computer intrusion. However, in recent years, we found that computer viruses seem to be less and less, and we seldom have poisoning incidents when we surf the Internet.

Although the probability of computer being infected by virus has been reduced a lot, but the mobile phone virus is more. It may not be that there are fewer Internet viruses now, but that hackers have transferred their targets from computers to mobile phones. In fact, it’s easy to understand that with the rapid development of science and technology, the network is more and more developed, and the functions of mobile phones are more and more. Now they are all smart phones.


With the advent of the intelligent era, people are basically using mobile phones, not computers, whether they are shopping online, watching movies or chatting. So it’s not too much to call the era of smart phones now. When we walk into the mall and walk on the street, we can see people playing with mobile phones everywhere. Especially when the students get together, you will find that there are few people chatting with each other, most of them are bow headed people.

With the advent of the era of smart phones, people’s life is becoming more and more beautiful, which facilitates people’s travel and life. But the same also let people’s privacy is no longer privacy, but more likely to leak out. The reason for this situation is that our mobile phones may be monitored in many cases, so how to judge that our mobile phones may be monitored? Now let’s learn about it. If your smart phone has the following four situations, you should be careful. It is possible that your mobile phone has been maliciously monitored.

1、 If we hear a lot of noise when we call and answer the phone, we should be careful at this time. You know, now has entered the era of 5g development, mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful. Even if you use a cheap mobile phone with a few hundred yuan, when you make and answer a call, there will not be a lot of noise. Unless you are located in a deep mountain and the signal is very poor, there will be a lot of noise.

If you are answering the phone in the area with strong signal, you can hear a lot of noise in your mobile phone. At this time, we should not consider the reason for the poor quality of your mobile phone. It is likely that your mobile phone has been maliciously monitored. Because the wireless signal monitored by the mobile phone interferes with the normal mobile phone signal, there may be a lot of noise. At this time, the best way is to hang up the phone, and then find a professional to show it, or directly restore the factory settings. If the malicious monitoring is only software, as long as the factory settings are restored, such software will be automatically cleared.


2、 When you answer and make a call, it is clear that the signal is very good, but suddenly the phone is hung up. At this time, you should confirm whether the other party actively hung up the phone. If not, you should be careful. It may be malicious monitoring.

Sometimes when people encounter this kind of situation, they often think that the other party has hung up the phone on their own initiative, and they don’t take it seriously. And the other party thinks that it’s you who hang up the phone and won’t call to confirm immediately. They always talk again after a period of time and are afraid of disturbing the other party’s business. It is this kind of mutual misunderstanding that makes many people encounter this kind of situation. They don’t think that mobile phones may be monitored.

Xiaobian has encountered this kind of situation, because Xiaobian has seen someone discuss the situation that the mobile phone may be monitored on the Internet, so after he found that the mobile phone was hung up, he immediately called the other party to ask, only to know that the other party happened to have something urgent and had to take the initiative to hang up the phone. Now, I can rest assured that in the era of mobile Internet, we should be careful in everything. If we are not careful, there may be great losses.


3、 Many completely unfamiliar numbers suddenly appear in mobile phones. In today’s network information age, there are many phone numbers in everyone’s mobile phone address book, especially for business people. There are many saved mobile phone numbers. But many people don’t know that sometimes the phone number in the address book will become a bridge for others to monitor your mobile phone.

Generally, this kind of phone number is not added by you, but suddenly appears in your address book. Sometimes it is not one or two, but a pile. In this case, you have to be careful, it is possible that your mobile phone has become the monitoring target of others. Moreover, there are not many such cases now. I believe many of my friends have encountered them. Most of them are third-party apps that are added to your address book by force. If you find that these numbers are familiar with friends and relatives, don’t worry. This may be due to the synchronization of address book caused by public ID account.

If you find that these numbers are not recognized and are not familiar to you, you should be very careful. They may be monitored by third-party software. In this case, the best way is to return to the factory settings.

4、 Mobile phones often get stuck inexplicably. It seems to be a very common thing for mobile phones to get stuck, especially when they are used for a long time. There are problems such as aging circuits in them. When running games or other programs, such as QQ, wechat and other pages, they will get stuck. This is a normal situation, and there is nothing to worry about. It usually returns to normal after a while.


But if your mobile phone is a new one with good performance, once you start wechat, QQ or games, you will get stuck, which should be paid attention to. Sometimes, the screen will go black every time. No matter what key is pressed, it doesn’t work. When you are ready to restart your mobile phone, a magical scene happens, which somehow returns to normal.

Maybe many people think that there is something wrong with the mobile phone when they encounter this situation, and they don’t take it seriously. However, when you come across this situation after reading this article today, you should be careful. It is possible that your mobile phone has been maliciously monitored.

I believe that after watching the above situations that may be maliciously monitored, many people will burst into a cold sweat. I didn’t expect that the mobile Internet world is so dangerous now. Isn’t it possible that all our privacy may be leaked? In fact, the probability of a mobile phone being monitored is very small, far less than the probability of a computer being invaded.


There are generally two ways for mobile phones to be maliciously monitored, one is through software, the other is through hardware. Monitoring with software is the easiest way to win. Now there are a lot of apps related to mobile phones. Although the supervision is more and more strict, there are still many dangerous apps, among which there may be monitoring apps. Once you accidentally install such software, the mobile phone may be monitored.

Therefore, we usually don’t install unknown and unfamiliar apps. Of course, for software monitoring software, the method of clearing is relatively simple. If you suspect that your mobile phone may be monitored, first turn it on and off again, and then uninstall the recently installed third-party software. If you are still suspected of being monitored, make a backup of your mobile phone (phone book, SMS, multimedia files, etc.) and finally restore the factory settings.

Another way of monitoring is to install eavesdroppers inside the mobile phone, which is also the most dangerous way. Because once your mobile phone is installed with an eavesdropper, it is useless to uninstall and restore the factory equipment. The only way is to remove the eavesdropper. But these kinds of eavesdroppers are very small. It’s hard for us to find and see them. Even if we take apart the mobile phone, you don’t know which one is an eavesdropper if you are not a professional.

Therefore, to prevent the second kind of being monitored, we usually need to go to the regular mobile phone store when we buy mobile phones. We should also pay attention to the mobile phones given by some businesses or other people. Maybe it’s a “customized” mobile phone for you. Finally, don’t lend your cell phone to strangers easily.


The era of smart phone Internet is not only a beautiful era, but also a beautiful era. Many things we have to do now are done by mobile phones, especially various payment transactions. More and more people use mobile phones to complete, and everyone’s smart phones are basically bound with various kinds of payments. Once monitored, it is a very dangerous thing, which may cause huge property losses.

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