If there are low-level civilizations in the universe, what will human beings do? The answer is too realistic!

If there are low-level civilizations in the universe, what will human beings do? The answer is too realistic!


Bees and ants that we often see in our life are all small creatures. They seem to have no power. When groups appear together, almost everyone will retreat. The power of unity is enormous. So don’t look down on any creature in nature. Their explosive power is far stronger than we think. Many people in order to steal the honey accumulated by bees, when they are found by bees, they will attack human beings. The place stung by bees will be very swollen, so many people will be cautious when they do these behaviors.


Human’s attitude towards nature


It is undeniable that human beings have gained a lot of benefits in nature. The main reason is that human beings have a unique brain, which can fight with animals through wisdom and use weapons with both hands. Even the most ferocious animals in nature are very weak in front of human beings. It is because of this that human beings have become the masters of the earth. These are the results of natural selection Although man is the leader of the earth, he is very cruel to life on the earth. If there are low-level civilizations in the universe, what will human beings do? The answer is too realistic!


When people encounter creatures weaker than themselves, they will be killed by those who have bad intentions. Many people can’t help but wonder what human beings will do if they find a civilization lower than human beings in the universe? Obviously, it is impossible for human beings to live in peace with them. When a new species appears, we do not know whether it is good or bad. Everyone will establish a sense of self-protection. Coupled with the different languages and cultures, human attitudes will not be much better. When low-level civilizations see this situation, they may also have panic and anger.


When human beings encounter low civilization, they may face it in these ways


Nowadays, human science and technology are very developed, and can simply destroy low-level civilization. The best outcome is that human beings and low-level civilization do not interfere with each other. In order to avoid conflict, they can only live in their own territory. Of course, many people think of the best outcome, that human beings and low-level civilization can understand and tolerate each other, form a larger civilization, and finally reach a consensus.


However, the premise is to have sufficient resources. From the perspective of resources on earth, many resources are in short supply, and there are many low-level civilizations. Their emergence may be related to human beings’ seizing of resources. In order to survive, human beings can only eliminate them, so conflicts are inevitable. For the long-term development of human beings, human beings will directly eliminate them, otherwise, they will be eliminated The future is endless. Maybe mankind and lower civilization can reach an agreement in history.


For the sake of resources, human beings can only take up their own weapons to attack low-level civilization. If they do not seize resources, human beings will be extinct. The so-called natural selection, survival of the fittest, nature has always followed the rule of survival of the fittest, only the strong can survive, and the weak have no good end. If we think the other way round, human beings are much worse than these civilizations in science and technology, we can not help it There is no guarantee that they will not wantonly kill human beings for the sake of resources. Everyone is very selfish. In order to protect himself and make himself survive for a longer time, we can only do this. What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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