If there is a high-level civilization in the universe that has been developed for 1 billion years, how powerful will science and technology be?

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When mankind stepped out of the earth and began to explore and recognize the universe, an eternal topic appeared: does alien civilization exist? Maybe a few people will think that human beings are the only intelligent life in the universe, and they will feel that human beings are very powerful. However, facing the vast and mysterious universe, more and more people really understand the smallness of human beings. At the same time, they also understand that alien civilization exists.

Scientists are a group of people standing at the top of human civilization. They have extraordinary wisdom and naturally recognize the existence of alien civilization. Although for more than half a century, human beings have not found any extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization through various ways and methods, but with the continuous improvement of the understanding of the universe, more and more people believe that extraterrestrial civilization exists.


The main reason why we have not been able to explore and find any alien civilization is that human science and technology are too backward, without super fast speed, we can not go out of the solar system, let alone explore other galaxies. Even if there is a highly developed alien civilization in the neighborhood of the solar system, we can’t observe it at all.

When people no longer doubt the existence of alien civilization, another topic appears, that is, how powerful is alien civilization? According to the time of the birth of the universe and the evolution of life, someone once came up with a possible conjecture: there may be a high-level civilization in the universe that has developed for 1 billion years. If such a civilization really exists, how strong is its scientific and technological strength?

So is it possible to have a civilization in the universe that has developed for a billion years? From the birth of the universe to the present time, there is still possibility of existence. We should know that the big bang of the universe has been 13.8 billion years, and the original universe can not produce life and civilization. However, after billions of years of evolution and development, the universe has produced a large number of constellations and planets, and the universe has gradually stabilized. At this time, the universe will have a birth The conditions of life.

Even if life was born in the universe only 5 billion years ago, a large number of living planets will eventually give birth to intelligent life after continuous evolution and evolution. After continuous evolution and development of intelligent life, it is likely that they will finally embark on the road of scientific and technological development. Of course, not all intelligent civilizations can continue to develop. The reason is that there are still many dangers in the universe that will hinder the development of civilization, or even end a civilization, such as asteroid impact, ultra new explosion, black hole phagocytosis, etc.


Although some disasters in the universe will end some civilizations, there will still be some civilizations that can continue to develop. If these civilizations develop to the present, they may have developed for more than one billion years, and their scientific and technological strength is beyond our imagination.

The first is the powerful ability of interstellar navigation. As we all know, the development of a civilization is also a process of continuous improvement of speed. Only with the continuous improvement of the speed of vehicles can we get out of the parent star, out of the parent galaxy and realize interstellar navigation. And to achieve interstellar navigation, the speed of the spacecraft at least achieved the speed of light. And a high-level civilization that has been developing for 1 billion years, superluminal flight may have been realized.

Only by flying at superluminal speed can we really explore our own galaxy group and cross from one big galaxy to another. Of course, if it’s faster, it’s possible to explore the whole universe. We don’t know whether an advanced civilization that has been developing for a billion years has the ability to travel all over the universe, but there is no problem that it can travel all over the big galaxies like the Milky way.


The second is the power of gene technology. As long as any civilization enters the road of scientific and technological development, it is inevitable to study and explore the mystery of life. To study the mystery of life is naturally inseparable from the research and exploration of gene level. At present, human science and technology have only developed for hundreds of years, and preliminary achievements have been made in gene technology.

In a high-level civilization that has developed for 1 billion years, their genetic technology must be very powerful. They may have understood the mystery of life. Through genetic technology, not only the life span of intelligent life can be greatly increased, but also the strength of the body can be continuously increased. Therefore, in addition to a variety of powerful scientific and technological products, the strength of their civilized individuals is also very strong. They may have been genetically modified, and they are not afraid of the various environments of the universe.

Only with strong physical quality can we survive and explore in the universe better. With the current physical quality and strength of human beings, even if we are given a spaceship capable of interstellar navigation tomorrow, I am afraid we will not really realize interstellar exploration. The reason is that our body is too weak to survive in the space environment for a long time. Even if we live in the spaceship, we still can’t avoid the influence of all kinds of cosmic radiation.

Finally, the internal culture and life pattern of civilization are beyond our understanding. I believe many friends know that in the millions of years of human evolution, the internal culture and life pattern of human beings in different periods are also very different. Take the 5000 year history of civilization recorded by human beings, for example, the human culture and life pattern of thousands of years ago is different from that of now a world of difference.


In a few thousand years, great changes will take place in the culture and life of human civilization. Therefore, if an ancient man comes to the present, he will be shocked by various incomprehensible modern lifestyles. In the same way, if we travel through time and space for thousands of years, tens of thousands of years in the future, we will also be unable to adapt to the future life style. It is possible that many things are completely wrong and not allowed to appear in our current civilization, but they may become abnormal things in the future.

Therefore, for a high-level civilization that has been developing for one billion years, many things inside its civilization are beyond our understanding, and may be a wonderful civilization in our eyes. Of course, what we are discussing now is only our conjecture. What kind of alien civilization is and what is their strength? We know nothing now.

It is possible that the number of civilizations in the universe is less than we can imagine, and the difficulty of life planet to continue to develop is also more than we can imagine. It was once said that human beings may be the most powerful civilization in the universe. In fact, it is not entirely impossible to say so. If the universe only began to have life billions of years ago, then the life planet would have appeared at the same time as the earth.


The earth may have been born four billion years ago, and it took billions of time from the birth of life to the emergence of human beings. It is possible that the evolution time is still relatively early. If so, the birth time of civilization of other living planets in the universe may be later than that of human beings. In this way, human beings can now go out of the earth to explore the universe, and other alien civilizations may still be in primitive civilization.

Of course, to understand the situation of cosmic civilization, we have to work hard to develop science and technology. When we have the ability to go out of the solar system, we can go to other galaxies to explore. Maybe we will find other alien civilizations. Then we can know whether the alien civilization is strong or weak. From the perspective of human beings, we certainly hope that human beings are the most powerful civilization in the universe, so that no alien civilization can bully us. However, from the perspective of the universe, it seems that such a beautiful thing is unlikely.

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