If there is a war between two alien civilizations in the galaxy, can humans observe the war?

The existence of extraterrestrial life is an unsolved problem, and scientists have not yet given an exact explanation. However, in the process of exploring extraterrestrial life, some scientific researchers asserted that the earth is the only planet with life in the universe, and extraterrestrial life does not exist at all. What human beings have been exploring is just a kind of virtual life that does not exist in theory, which is a waste of time.


In fact, most scientists do not agree with this view. They believe that although human observation has not found the existence of alien civilization for thousands of years, the universe is so vast that the probability of the existence of alien life is very large. However, due to the limitations of human technology and observation equipment lagging behind alien civilization, or the distant distance between alien life and the earth, they are unable to detect them.

And scientists will supplement the analysis, that the universe civilization can be roughly divided into seven levels. At present, the level of human civilization is only 0.7, but it has not yet reached the level of level 1, which indicates that there may be many civilizations in the universe that cannot be perceived and detected by human beings. If we start with the development of civilization in the universe, there will be no civilization in the universe.


From the perspective of reverse reasoning and theory, the existence of extraterrestrial life is a high probability event, only because of the limitation of many factors, we can not get in touch with the mysterious extraterrestrial civilization for the time being. Well, let’s imagine that if alien life really exists, and there are contradictions and disputes between different alien races, and a space war is launched, can human beings observe the war between aliens?


Xiaobian believes that these four factors are mainly related to the fact that human beings can observe the extraterrestrial campaign. The first is the place where the war broke out. If the place where the war broke out is close to the earth, human beings may be able to observe it. After all, we have the help of space telescope. We can observe the abnormal situation not far away through space telescope, so as to analyze and infer the occurrence of the universe.

Second, comparing our earth with these alien civilizations, we can find that their civilizations are very developed, so the scale of alien campaigns and the weapons they use are also very important. If the scale of external warfare is small, the use of the lowest level weapons by aliens is relatively simple, and it is not easy to emit sound waves, light and sound, then it is difficult for researchers to observe the situation of the universe. If the scale of the battle is large, and the aliens use high-end weapons in the war, sending out huge sounds and strong radio waves, researchers can explore the battle.


Third, the level of human observation is also very important. If a battle breaks out, weapons explode between battles, producing energy particles. These powerful energy particles are beyond our understanding. These energy particles will spread around. At this time, researchers can use the detection method of electromagnetic wave to observe. However, the universe is so large that the diameter of the Milky way is 200000 light-years. The transmission signal of electromagnetic wave will become very weak after more than 20 light-years, and the information will be mixed with many impurities.


In the future, if scientists can make good use of gravitational waves, neutrinos and other things to transmit information, they may be able to better observe the distant situation. Neutrinos, in particular, are easier to manufacture than gravitational waves, and have the advantages of low cost, simple operation, strong penetration and strong anti-interference. The existence of nebulae, galaxies and stars in the universe will not affect its work at all.

Finally, the dimensions of extraterrestrial life are crucial. At present, human beings are in three-dimensional space, and can not perceive and detect the specific situation of high-dimensional space. If the two sides are in high-dimensional space, no matter how large the scale of the campaign is and how loud the fighting weapons are, it is difficult for human beings to perceive the war and witness it with their own eyes.


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