If there is a wormhole in the solar system, will we cross it? It could be more dangerous

On October 4, 1957, when the first man-made satellite was successfully launched, it marked that man finally realized his dream of flying to the sky and walked out of the earth. Later, the development of space science and technology was very fast. Fifty years ago, Apollo of the United States realized the manned landing on the moon, which was a big step for mankind. From then on, many people will wonder, when can we fly out of the solar system?

In fact, the plan to fly out of the solar system started with Voyager in 1977. In that year, scientists launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Their important task is to fly out of the solar system and explore the existence of alien civilization. Although they have been flying for 42 years and are tens of billions of kilometers away from the earth, it will take them at least tens of thousands of years to leave the solar system according to the solar system bounded by the Oort nebula.

If you include the Oort Nebula in the solar system, the diameter range can reach 2 light-years, and it will take at least tens of thousands of years to fly out at the current speed of human spacecraft. This basically tells us that human science and technology can not fly out of the solar system. And the scene outside the solar system, we can only through the astronomical telescope for fuzzy observation, this kind of observation is far less than the effect of the spacecraft flying out of the field observation. And if you want to find out whether there is life or alien civilization in the galaxy or planet, you have to make a close observation with a probe or spacecraft.


So someone put forward such a hypothesis: if human beings can fly out of the solar system now, will scientists act? Many people may say, of course, what a grand wish it is to fly out of the solar system to explore. It’s hard to realize it. Why not fly out to explore? But in fact, at that time, scientists may not dare to let humans out of the solar system. Why?

The above assumption is that human science and technology can’t fly out of the solar system at all, and we suddenly have the ability to fly out of the solar system. It can only be one case, that is, there is a wormhole in the solar system, which connects with the unknown space outside the solar system. As long as the spacecraft passes through the wormhole, it can easily get out of the solar system.

If there is a wormhole in the solar system not long after human beings have just stepped out of the earth, then it is highly likely that we will send spacecraft to explore the stars outside the system. However, after more than half a century of development, human beings have gained more knowledge of the universe. At this time, we have understood that the universe is not so safe. Let alone all kinds of cosmic disasters, the threat of alien civilization is the most terrible.

I believe many people know that Hawking has warned mankind many times: let mankind not try to contact with alien civilization, do not send radio signals to the deep space of the universe, otherwise it is easy to expose the earth’s coordinates. Once the alien civilization knows the existence of the earth and comes across the stars, it is possible that what awaits mankind is not fortune, but disaster.


Hawking’s worry is very reasonable. Just think that as long as it is intelligent civilization, it can not be completely kind and peace loving. There have been many wars in human civilization since ancient times. Even in the modern era of peace, there are still some small wars. If this is still the case within human civilization, it may be more difficult to maintain real peace between civilizations.

When human beings find a lower civilization in the universe, and this civilized planet is very suitable for human beings to live on. What are we going to do? Many people may say that human beings will be equal to this low civilization, live in peace and friendship, and then we will immigrate to this planet. Will such a perfect thing happen? It’s very unlikely.

First of all, low-level civilizations certainly do not want human beings to immigrate to the past, which is the same as human beings. If there are alien civilizations who want to immigrate to the earth, will we answer that? Of course not. There will be an interstellar war. What if we want to live on this planet at this time? We can only wage war and wipe out low-level civilization. And will mankind hold peace talks with low-level civilizations? The possibility is also very small, without the same strength, it is difficult to have the same status.


Similarly, when advanced civilizations want to colonize the earth, they will not negotiate peace with human beings, but directly invade and destroy us. Because the strength of human beings is too weak, alien civilizations look down on the small human beings. Therefore, when there is a wormhole in the solar system that can ease the solar system, it is unlikely that human beings will go out to explore.

Although we haven’t discovered any alien civilizations yet, scientists have never doubted their existence. Only because of the backward science and technology of human beings, they have not been able to explore the solar system. However, when humans really come out of the solar system, it is possible to find alien civilization. At that time, are the people on board excited or scared? It is estimated that fear is more important.

If we walk out of the solar system through the wormhole of the solar system and meet an interstellar civilization outside the solar system, what will the alien civilization do? They will certainly be very curious about the sudden appearance of human spaceships. When they see that human spaceships are very backward, they will capture them and then decode them to obtain the coordinates of the solar system and the earth.

If this alien civilization is not a friendly and kind civilization and finds that human science and technology are very backward, it is possible to colonize the earth in the solar system through wormholes. It is possible that mankind will face the disaster of extinction. Therefore, before human science and technology strength is really strong, it will become an interstellar civilization. Even if there is a wormhole in the solar system, we will not be able to go out.


As long as we don’t go out of the solar system, the possibility of exposing wormhole coordinates and earth coordinates will be very small. We need to know that the universe is vast and vast. If we don’t have exact coordinates, it’s much more difficult to find a wormhole or galaxy than looking for a needle in a haystack. Although we are not sure whether the dark forest law exists in the universe, there is no doubt that there is no real equality between civilizations due to the huge power gap.

Humans don’t communicate with ants, and they don’t care about their lives. In the eyes of humans, ants are too small to trample on. In the same way, in the eyes of the powerful alien civilization, human beings are no different from ants.

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