If there is an accident in the space station, can astronauts parachute out?

Have you ever heard of the world’s most unfortunate astronaut, Sergei konstantinovic krikalev, who was the last astronaut of the former Soviet Union and the longest disciplinary holder in space in the world.

When he took the Soyuz spacecraft to the Mir space station to carry out the mission, the country was in turmoil and disintegrated, and the people of the whole country forgot him in space, and only 311 days later did they remember to take him back.


It is precisely because the safety factor of Mir space station is high enough that he can wait for “rescue” and return to earth smoothly.

After reading this little story, do you have such a question:

What should astronauts do if there is an accident and a loophole in the space station?


In fact, the existence of the space station is like a temporary home, where astronauts can rest temporarily.

What would happen if there were a leak in the capsule of the space station?


We can use the effect of a balloon filled with air being released instantly to imagine. Of course, it may not fly like a balloon.

Once there are loopholes in the space station, firstly, the objects and unstable instruments in the space station will shift under the sudden strong airflow, causing immeasurable damage to the astronauts and spacecraft.

Then, as time goes on, the oxygen in the capsule will gradually disappear, and the capsule will become a vacuum state. The astronauts may expand slowly because of the low pressure outside, and then with a bang, you can imagine.


Astronauts may also be frozen to death. As we all know, vacuum is a very good heat insulation material. The body of astronauts will continuously radiate heat, and then they will be frozen to death without feeling cold.

If the astronauts wear spacesuits, they can survive in a short time, but they can’t persist in rescue, so tragedy will still happen.


The Soviet Union’s “alliance 11” had a similar accident. When the re-entry module and the orbital module were separated, the pressure valve of the re-entry module was accidentally shaken open, and the sealing was damaged. The air in the re-entry module leaked, and the pressure in the module decreased rapidly, which led to the death of three astronauts due to acute hypoxia and boiling body fluid.

I don’t know if anyone will come up with a way for astronauts to escape by parachute, which is absolutely not feasible.

Let’s look at the temperature of 1600 degrees centigrade when the spaceship returns to the earth from outer space and passes through the atmosphere. The spaceship can return safely because it has been insulated.


If astronauts want to parachute directly back to the earth is impossible, the higher the atmosphere, the thinner the air, and parachute in the thin air is not effective.

Astronauts will still accelerate the descent, still rub with the atmosphere to generate heat, and astronauts will be burned to ashes instantly.


Fortunately, at present, all the operation of the space station is monitored by professionals 24 hours a day. Once any part is found to be faulty, it will be detected and repaired in time.

Just in time, if there is a problem, the astronauts can escape from the spaceship arranged by special personnel.

So Xiaobian thinks that with the continuous progress of human science and technology, these accidents can be eliminated as far as possible, and scientists will do their best to protect the astronauts.


What do you think of that? Welcome to comment area.

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