If there is an advanced civilization 100 million years ahead of human beings in the universe, how powerful will it be?

61 years ago, with the help of science and technology, man’s first man-made satellite was finally launched. Its success marks that man has really stepped out of the earth and started a new chapter. When we walk out of the earth, we see a vast universe. Only when we really see the vastness of the universe, can you really feel the insignificance of the earth and human beings.

With human entering space, the research and exploration of the universe has become the focus of scientists. On the way to explore the universe, a mystery that we most want to understand has been puzzling mankind, that is, does alien civilization exist? From the perspective of the universe, the probability that alien civilization does not exist is basically zero.


If alien civilizations exist, then the time of the formation of different intelligent civilizations and the birth of life is different due to the different time of the formation of the parent star, then the time of the existence and development of intelligent civilizations is also different. Some civilizations may be similar to the time when human beings were born, while the history of some intelligent civilizations may be far beyond human beings and reach a height we can’t imagine.

So a friend raised the topic of such a super brain hole, that is, if there are advanced civilizations in the universe 100 million years ahead of human beings, how powerful will they be? One hundred million years is only a short time for a planet and for the universe. However, for the development of a civilization, this is a relatively long time.

You know, it’s only two million years since the birth of human beings, it’s only 5000 years since the formation of civilization, and it’s only a few hundred years since the development of human science and technology. As we all know, although human civilization has a history of more than 5000 years, it is only in the hundreds of years after entering the era of science and technology that human civilization has really made a leap.


It took us hundreds of years to realize the dream of human flying. Many of the things that the ancients dreamed of thousands of years ago have come true now. We can foresee that with the continuous development of human science and technology, many things that are considered impossible in human fantasy and dream may become reality in the future, such as time travel, immortality and so on.

Hundreds of years of scientific and technological development has made great leap for human beings. As long as the speed of scientific and technological development of human beings continues, the scientific and technological strength of human beings will be qualitatively improved in 1000 years and 10000 years. It is possible that after 1000 years, human beings will become an interstellar civilization, which can travel freely to every corner of the galaxy.


Technology is so powerful that it can make a civilization constantly surpass itself and become more and more powerful. If human science and technology can develop for 100 million years, how strong will it be? Maybe it’s hard for us to imagine. Although we can’t imagine it, we can foresee that there will be many colonized planets and galaxies in the universe by human civilization at that time.

In 100 million years, human civilization may become a powerful advanced civilization in the universe, making the whole universe the back garden of human beings. If human beings can do it, then other intelligent civilizations can do it. As long as any intelligent civilization develops to a certain stage, it will basically embark on the road of scientific and technological development.

The rules of the universe have been basically fixed since the day it was born. The laws of physics and space-time of the galaxy are similar in other galaxies and in every corner of the universe. Therefore, advanced civilization may have gone through the road of human science and technology.


Therefore, the scientific and technological strength of advanced civilization, which developed 100 million years earlier than human beings, is hard to imagine. Human beings exist like ants in front of advanced civilizations. Will there be civilizations 100 million years ahead of human beings in the universe? Let’s think about it from the perspective of the universe.

The universe was born 13.8 billion years ago. Before the universe was born, time, space and matter did not exist. After the big bang, stars, planets and other celestial bodies will not be able to form soon, but need an evolutionary process. The original universe consisted of only hydrogen, helium and a small amount of lithium. After 380000 years, the first ray of light appeared, and after thousands or hundreds of millions of years, the first star was born. Then, the stars of the universe continue to form, there are dots.


The first born stars are basically super large stars, and their mass is very large, so their life span is only tens of millions of years. And then there’s a supernova explosion, and all the stuff that’s needed to make a planet. According to the current discoveries in the observable universe, the first Galaxy gn-z11 formed about 400 million years after the birth of the universe, while the first planet formed about 1.2 billion years after the birth of the universe.

Although the planet may not be able to become a living planet, and it may not be able to produce intelligent life, from the time of the formation of stars and planets in the universe. There are too many planets in the universe older than the earth to be estimated. From the perspective of probability, there should be a large number of intelligent civilizations hundreds of millions of years more advanced than human beings.

Data and probability tell us that advanced civilization more than 100 million years ahead of human beings should exist in the universe. However, the reality may not be like this. As long as human science and technology can develop for 100 million years, we may become a powerful cosmic civilization, which can traverse the universe and travel freely in every corner of the universe.


If the technology of alien civilization develops for 100 million years, it may also reach the level of going all over the universe. If so, then the universe should not be as lonely as it is now. Even if it is not full of wisdom and civilization, then we should be able to contact with advanced civilization. However, it has been more than half a century since mankind stepped out of the earth. We have not observed any trace of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, nor have any extraterrestrial civilization come to the solar system on its own initiative.

The result makes us afraid. Where are these powerful civilizations that should exist? At this time, we have to think of the big filtration theory put forward by some scientists. This theory holds that the universe is a big filter, and in the process of development, intelligent civilization will face many hurdles. Only when we pass every barrier can we truly become a powerful cosmic civilization.


The higher the level of civilization, the more difficult the hurdle is. Maybe there were a lot of advanced civilizations in the universe, but in the process of marching towards a higher civilization, they didn’t pass the hurdle. They were eliminated by the big filter and disappeared in the universe.

If the big filter theory is correct, then human beings will also face one by one hurdles in the future. Can we get through one difficulty after another and become a powerful civilization across the universe? If not, what is the significance of human development?

Of course, the above is just our guess. Due to the weak scientific and technological strength of human beings, we have no strength to go out of the solar system and explore other galaxies. Naturally, we also know about other intelligent civilizations. Perhaps in the near future, we will find traces of various civilizations in other galaxies, from which we may find some important evidence.

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