If these three phenomena appear in your mobile phone, turn it off immediately and send it to the mobile phone repair shop in time!

Smart phones have been thoroughly integrated into our lives. Since we have smart phones, our lives have become richer. We can use mobile phones to search for information about study or work, or use mobile phones to spend time at rest.


Although smart phones do bring us a lot of help, in fact, smart phones can also be seen as a time bomb in our lives. The reason why we say that is because smart phones are also electronic devices with a high explosion rate. I believe that we will often see some news about the explosion of mobile phones, and these news must also cause great harm to us Some psychological shadows.


In fact, there is no matter which mobile phone brand is involved in the event of mobile phone explosion, that is to say, no matter which mobile phone brand’s products are likely to explode, so what Xiaobian wants to introduce today is some omens before the mobile phone explosion. If there are such phenomena in the mobile phone, it is best to turn off the mobile phone in time and send it to the designated place for inspection and maintenance.


First of all, the first phenomenon is that mobile phones often turn off automatically. If this happens, we should first rule out whether it is caused by the temperature environment, because there are many smart phones that will turn off automatically if the temperature is too low. However, if the temperature is appropriate, if the temperature is not high or low, the mobile phone will always turn off automatically, then it is better to be careful, perhaps It’s because of the leakage of the battery. If you don’t think so, it is likely to cause an explosion after a long time. So if your mobile phone turns off automatically frequently, it’s better to turn it off in time, and then send it to the designated maintenance place.


The second phenomenon is that mobile phones often get hot inexplicably. Although it’s a normal thing for smart phones to get hot, it’s only limited to playing games or some high load operation. If you just brush a short video or watch a circle of friends, the temperature of mobile phones will become very high, so it’s better to be careful, otherwise it will lead to electric shock If the life of the cell is greatly reduced or the motherboard is burned out, the cell phone will explode.


The third phenomenon is that the mobile phone can’t be charged all the time. If you use the original charger to charge the mobile phone, you find that the power is always in the state of just connecting the charger. Or after connecting the charger, you find that the power is not only not growing, but also using less and less. If this happens to your mobile phone, maybe it’s because there’s something wrong with the battery of the mobile phone, too It may be the problem of the tail plug, but no matter which part is faulty, we suggest that you send it to the designated repair site for repair as soon as possible. On the one hand, it does not affect the normal use, on the other hand, it is also a guarantee for our personal safety.

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