If they survive, human control will be transferred

The earth is the home where human beings live. How many civilizations and how many creatures there are has always been a mystery. Human beings are always curious about the unknown. What strange creatures were there before human beings? For example, dinosaurs. With curiosity, people begin to imagine and create all kinds of monsters in the film.

In fact, many of the monsters we see in the movies have been confirmed by science, but those recorded in books have disappeared. Since Darwin put forward the theory of biological evolution, most people think that human is the product of biological evolution, and modern humans and modern apes have a common ancestor.


Therefore, people have a great awe of ape, and its research results are constantly emerging. After research, we found an extinct giant ape, which lived about one million to three hundred thousand years ago. In China, India and Vietnam, they are similar to several other species in age and geographical location.

The great ape is probably the archetype of King Kong. Their appearance is more similar to that of modern apes, but their body size is larger than that of current great apes. The great ape is the most muscular ape in human history. It is nearly 10 feet tall and weighs more than 1000 pounds.

Thank God for giving nature animals powerful thinking ability, so that human beings can climb to the top of the food chain. If we had lived in ancient times, we might not have been so lucky as we are now. There was a time when huge size and ferocious habits were the most important characteristics of animals.


Of the four animals listed below, with the exception of the great ape, all are the largest, strongest and, to some extent, most eccentric.

1. Shanglong


Shanglong appears in the ocean, and its powerful power and amazing speed give them amazing attack ability. They have short necks and big jaws, which are very effective killing machines. According to the largest upper keel fossil found so far, the dinosaur’s body is surprisingly 52 feet long (about 15.84 meters), while its head is nearly 8 feet long (about 2.43 meters).

2. Deng’s fish

On earth, the life history of sharks has exceeded 400 million years, while that of dunnii fish is even shorter, only 50 million years. They can reach up to 30 feet and weigh more than four tons. Deng’s fish is the last member of our family. We can’t find any offspring related to us now.


3. Ancient centipede

The ancient centipede, which can reach 8.5 feet in length, is the most terrible nightmare of all homeowners. Its shape is similar to the modern centipede. It is the first invertebrate to appear on land. Almost no animal takes it as a dish of Chinese food. Fortunately, this animal lived more than 300 million years ago, but now it can’t be seen any more.


4. Titan Python

This Titan Python can grow to 50 feet (15.24 meters) and weigh 2500 pounds (1134 kg), which is enough to explain their terrible. A long time ago, Titan Python has been extinct for 58 million years. It is like the product of modern python.

Although Chinese people’s favorite food is considered to be food, any species coming to China can be solved in one sentence. But if these beasts are going to revive soon, I believe the Chinese will not talk about them any more. Which one is more colorful? It’s impossible to eliminate one when you see one.


However, modern biology experts believe that as long as any creature can survive, it is the master of the earth.

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