If time travel has been realized, why is there no future visitor? Are they trapped

I don’t know if you still remember Doraemon as a child. The blue fat man at that time was a great hero in our mind. In that year, when we were in danger, we all imagined that we had a Doraemon, and used his treasure bag to take out all kinds of props to save people. One of the most enviable things was the passing of time.


In movies and TV dramas, whenever Daxiong encounters a crisis or makes any mistakes, Doraemon will use the time machine to take them to change the established facts. As a result, Daxiong has the opportunity to choose his life countless times. As a child, we all envy this opportunity and want a life that can be repeated countless times.

As we grow older, we begin to come into contact with a lot of scientific knowledge. We find that time is a very complex and dangerous thing. Although scientists have been using ready-made technology to study time machines, can time machines be invented after all these years?


Some scientists believe that time is just a special law in the universe. Just like gravity, isn’t it impossible for human beings to do anything about it? But we still invented all kinds of anti gravity devices, and also sent people from the earth to outer space, so the time machine is just a technical problem, without any major obstacles.


However, Hawking has different views on this point. That year, he conducted a very famous banquet experiment of time travel. He invited future people to his banquet. Unfortunately, there were no future people before the banquet ended. So Hawking put forward a very serious point: if the time machine is feasible, why hasn’t it come yet What about future time travelers?

The possibility of joining time travel is really great, so future human beings will visit some great people of our time through time machine, such as Hawking. No one will not come to his party, but it is strange that there is no future traveler coming, which makes Hawking feel that time travel is an unreliable behavior, as if between life and death We can never break the boundaries of common people.


However, other scholars put forward different views, that time travel can be done, but it is only a matter of time. To say that human beings do not appear in the future modern society, it is only because time is a dangerous existence. In order to carry out time travel, we must avoid direct contact with past human beings, so as to ensure that time travel will not destroy the history The process of history.


We can’t give a clear answer to Hawking’s point of view and some scientists’ extreme point of view now, but most scientists believe that time travel is indeed the eternal goal of human beings, and there will certainly be many breakthroughs in the future. From the perspective of human beings, we hope that it can be realized. After all, everyone hopes to have the opportunity to redefine themselves My life.

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