If time travel is really possible, how will it be realized?

Since human beings entered the road of scientific and technological development, they soon went out of the earth and began to explore the universe. With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings see the hope of understanding the world and the mystery of the universe. Science and technology are undoubtedly powerful. Everything in the universe can be explained by science. If it cannot be explained, it means that our science and technology has not developed to that level.

In the field of science, the field of physics is undoubtedly the most powerful. In the field of physics, there is a problem that has been puzzling physicists, that is, the authenticity of time travel and the possibility of its realization. I believe many friends have seen science fiction and movies, in which time travel becomes possible. So in the real world, does time travel really exist?

Although time travel seems to be just the plot of some science fiction works, it may not be impossible for physicists to realize it. Physicists have known the existence of time dislocation as early as 100 years ago. The so-called time dislocation simply means that the passage of time becomes abnormal – faster or slower than normal.


Einstein’s general relativity contains a large number of new ideas that almost completely subvert the traditional human cognition. For example, Einstein pointed out that gravity is actually the product of the bending of space-time. In other words, any object with mass will cause the bending of space-time, and of course, it can also cause the dislocation of time.

In the universe, the mass of the black hole is undoubtedly huge. If the mass of the supermassive black hole is billions of times of the mass of the sun, the time dislocation caused by it will be quite obvious. As we get closer to a black hole, its strong gravity will gradually cause time to “expand”. The intuitive result is that the passage of time is significantly slower than that of the region far away from the black hole.

Some scientists once proposed such an idea to go to the future, that is, take a spaceship to enter the horizon of the black hole. At this time, the spaceship will move around the black hole at a speed close to the speed of light. For people far away from the black hole, the time of the spaceship is the same. But the people inside the spaceship will find that the outside time becomes very fast, and the time inside the spaceship almost stops.

When the outside world has passed for hundreds of years, thousands of years later, the spaceship leaving the black hole horizon is equivalent to reaching the future world. Of course, this is just what scientists suspect. In fact, a black hole will not become an ideal time machine. The reason is that the gravity of a black hole is so strong that any matter, including light, will never return when it enters the horizon of a black hole.


The sun and the earth can also cause time expansion effect to a certain extent. In 2007, a satellite of NASA called “Gravity Probe B” inspected and confirmed the correctness of Einstein’s general theory of relativity with 99% accuracy by precisely observing the earth’s bending effect on the surrounding space-time.

Time expansion can also be achieved by rapid movement. According to special relativity, the faster you move, the slower your time will be compared to a static observer. If time travel is really possible, how can it be realized? Scientists have come up with two possible ways.

The first is through wormholes. Wormholes still exist in theory, but scientists believe that wormholes are very likely to exist in the universe. However, for wormholes, there are two kinds of cognition in the scientific community. One is that matter can be instantly transmitted to extremely remote places. It is equivalent to a space tunnel connecting two remote places in the universe, such as two galaxies thousands of light years apart. If there is a wormhole connection, the spacecraft can quickly reach another galaxy through the wormhole.


Another way of understanding, wormhole is a tunnel of time and space, connecting different time and space, equivalent to a time channel. Through the passage, we can go back to the past and go to the future. For the existence of wormholes, scientists believe that there may have been wormholes of very small scale in the very early days of the birth of the universe, but such wormholes are extremely unstable and transient.

In order to make the so-called wormhole play a role in space-time travel, we need a very stable wormhole. In order to achieve the stability of the wormhole, we may need to develop some strange material that is difficult to describe at present, which has negative mass and negative pressure. Scientists are not sure whether this strange substance exists. It may only exist in theory.

The second way to travel time is through the so-called “cosmic string.”. Cosmic strings are theoretically possible energy beams, and if they do exist, they must be extremely tiny. It is predicted that the acceleration between the two cosmic strings will cause time changes in a strange way, such as a closed loop in space-time, thus acting as a time machine. However, if you want to accelerate the cosmic string to a certain extent, you will need almost unlimited energy supply, which is obviously not easy for you to achieve.

Time travel is impossible for modern science. However, the power of science is endless. Everything is possible. Everything in the universe can not do without scientific explanation. When science is powerful to a certain extent, it seems that it is possible to create life and universe, let alone travel through time and space.


Therefore, some scientists believe that time travel is possible in the future. As for when it can be realized, it is believed that it will take a very long time, which may be tens of thousands of years or hundreds of millions of years. Only when human science and technology are powerful enough to become a powerful civilization of the universe, can time travel be realized.

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