If we are in an oxygen enriched environment, with oxygen as high as 90%, what will happen to human beings?

The oxygen content on the earth has never been the same. Since the earth existed, its oxygen content has changed. For example, the earth was oxygen free at the beginning, but now the oxygen content is about 21%. However, some people have raised the question: if the oxygen content of the earth exceeds 90%, will the world still exist?

In fact, the earth was once in an oxygen rich period. At that time, the oxygen content of the earth had reached about 35%. For example, the most typical article written is about a dragonfly, which will become very, very big. In fact, this period is the Carboniferous. At this time, many plants already existed, and the predators at that time were not big, and there were no herbivorous animals at all, especially the huge animals. When the forest appeared, these overlords were actually insects.


Insects have extremely high oxygen enrichment, which becomes 10 minutes huge. When forests appear on the earth, they directly absorb most of the carbon dioxide in the air and must release oxygen. At that time, because there were enough vegetation, and there were no human beings and natural enemies in the vegetation, the solar cycle on the earth was further broken. Therefore, on this basis, the carbon dioxide was less and less, and the oxygen content was more and more So it was about 35% at one time.

The higher the ocean energy, it is never a better thing. Due to the high oxygen content, the ocean current on the earth once changed, so the air became drier and colder, and many vegetation could no longer survive. So the rainforest collapse began. At the same time, oxygen is a kind of combustion supporting agent. If the concentration is higher, it will be more prone to fire. At this time, lightning often leads to forest fire, and when there is a fire, it will also be affected to a large area. At the same time, it has been known for a long time that if the oxygen content on the earth is too high, it will not be an optimistic scene.

And according to past surveys, there has never been such a phenomenon on earth that the oxygen content reaches 90%. If it does, then the mass extinction may occur again.


The reason is very simple. Over saturated oxygen is poison gas for normal people. After oxygen enters the human body, some oxygen free radicals will take away the electrons of normal cells. Therefore, the cells will also become their free radicals to read other electromagnetic signals. Once it comes and goes, oxygen poisoning may occur. After all, this kind of poisoning will lead to organ failure and death.

Therefore, this situation is impossible because the earth itself has a regulatory mechanism. Even if there will be a negative oxygen environment again, it will not be as high as 90%.


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