If we don’t pay more attention to the new discoveries made by scientists on the sea floor, we will probably eat the consequences ourselves!

In the vast earth’s surface, the ocean area accounts for 70%, it is because the earth has a lot of water resources, life was born. In a long time, human beings have been on the stage of history, although until now, human beings have not been able to conquer the ocean, but our survival is inseparable from the ocean. With the development of science and technology, scientists have made unexpected discoveries in the ocean.


Since mankind entered the industrial age, the earth’s environment has been seriously damaged. With the industrial production, a large number of waste gas and wastewater are discharged, and these pollutants enter into the atmosphere and the ocean, resulting in the continuous deterioration of the earth’s ecology. As the global temperature continues to rise, all kinds of disasters are emerging one after another. Even if the ocean is so vast, it can not escape such a fate. Since entering the 21st century, there is an invention that people love and hate. This invention has made our life very convenient, but it has seriously affected the earth’s environment. This invention is plastic.

The harm of plastics


Although plastic was not invented to solve the problem of people’s daily life, today’s plastic has become a ubiquitous item in the streets. Plastic is a kind of high polymer compound, so it is very difficult to decompose in nature. It will take at least hundreds of years to decompose with the power of nature. Especially in some economically backward areas, there is no way to effectively deal with plastics, so a large number of plastic waste can only be piled up on the roadside, or even on the beach. Long term exposure to sunlight will also release greenhouse gases such as methane. These greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere and accelerate the greenhouse effect?


Scientists have found that plastic particles also appear in the weight of marine organisms. According to the data of scientists, the world produces 300 million tons of plastics every year, but only a small part of them can be recycled. Most of the plastic waste is discharged into the nature. Of course, we don’t see much, because most of the plastic waste goes into the ocean. Scientists once found that plastic bags appeared in the Mariana Trench, and the place where plastic bags appeared was 11000 meters under the sea.

Garbage continent


In addition, the satellite also captured such a picture that there is a garbage continent in the ocean. The mass of the garbage continent is as high as 3 million tons, and it is still growing rapidly. With the ocean current movement, it is marching towards China. If a large amount of garbage enters into China, it will be a serious threat to the environment of our country. After the fish living in the ocean devour the plastic, the ultimate impact will not be human beings themselves?


Scientists have monitored the composition of plastics in the human body. If these plastics accumulate in the human body in the long run, it is bound to affect human health. Therefore, the pollution of plastics has reached a very serious level. We must also establish the concept of environmental protection from now on. Only by completely banning plastics can the earth’s environment be improved What do you think of home?

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