If we dump our garbage into the Bermuda Triangle, will it disappear? Or what will happen

I believe many people have heard of “Bermuda Triangle”! This is one of the most dangerous and mysterious places on earth. There have been many mysterious events, and we can’t explain them with science until now.


Then someone came up with a strange idea, that is, what if we dump our garbage in the Bermuda Triangle? Where will garbage go?

This 1.3 million square kilometer ocean is the Bermuda Triangle, which extends from Florida to Puerto Rico and then to Bermuda.


Since the 19th century, nearly 1000 people have been reported mysteriously missing in the area. From a small jungle plane that can only carry two passengers to a 150 meter long ship that can carry hundreds of people, there is no trace.


So if we dump the garbage here, will it disappear?

Before we think about dumping rubbish into the Bermuda Triangle, we need to figure out how to get there first. Of course, we will take a boat, because we want to dump rubbish into the sea, and the boat will allow us to carry more rubbish and more accurately take us to where we want to go. Because we’re going to the center of the Bermuda Triangle, you might think it’s a very risky move, but it’s very likely that we’ll be OK in the end.


What happened to the Bermuda Triangle?


There are many versions of the Bermuda Triangle, some good and some bad. Some people think that this is the portal of some crazy alien. This portal is specially used to kidnap human beings, so people will mysteriously disappear when they pass here. Some people think that there is a huge underwater city under it. Some people think that there are terrible sea monsters living in it. Although these statements are various, they are far from the facts.

Some have offered a more reasonable explanation for the disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle. They think it has something to do with the methane explosion. They say these methane explosions rise from the bottom of the sea, erupt violently, and even capsize huge ships.


But since this explanation was put forward, physicists and marine experts have exposed its true face.


They say the scale of the methane explosion is almost impossible to overturn a huge ship. If there is a big explosion, the ship is likely to survive, because it was built just to cope with the huge changes in the water, including huge waves and methane bubbles.

If we dump our garbage in the Bermuda Triangle, it just seems to float on the water. Living in the ocean, where is the sinkhole that makes all our rubbish disappear? Is it a mysterious place that has been taking away airplanes and ships for many years?


As it turns out, the Bermuda Triangle is not that dangerous. Of course, it may be a bit mysterious, but all these disappearances can be attributed to bad weather, huge waves and human errors.


The Bermuda Triangle is not even the deadliest waters in the world, a title that can be applied to the seas of East Asia and Australia. Although the death toll of nearly 1000 people seems to be high in the past 200 years, when you consider the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is one of the busiest tourist areas in the world’s sea and sky, you will find that this is not the case.

Of course, we need to be wary of any hurricane or big wave, but that will be the least of our worries at the moment. We just dumped tons of garbage into the sea, and we naively thought that the Bermuda Triangle would somehow get rid of it, which was a stupid idea.


Unfortunately, the rubbish we just dumped may not be so obvious in the sea. It is estimated that 1.4 billion tons of garbage are thrown into the sea every year. Suppose we throw all the garbage in New York into the Bermuda Triangle every year, that’s 14 million tons of garbage. It may sound like a lot, but it’s only a small part of the garbage thrown into the sea every year. It’s a pretty scary idea and should never be tried.


Therefore, for the sake of our safety and the safety of our oceans, we should try our best to clean the oceans and help them solve problems instead of increasing them.

Maybe a better way to deal with garbage is to throw it into a volcano. It works, right.

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