If we find these three substances, even if human beings disappear for 100 million years, we can prove that they once existed!

If we find these three substances, even if human beings disappear for 100 million years, we can prove that they once existed!


Human beings are seemingly ordinary and powerful creatures. Ordinary people have to experience life, aging, illness and death. When natural disasters and wars strike, they can easily erase human beings from the earth. They are powerful and powerful because they have a unique brain. They can not only think about problems, but also create high technology. It is not difficult to find that the earth has completely changed with the large-scale transformation of human beings. With the emergence of many high-rise buildings, everyone can really feel the power of science and technology.


The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago seems to be vividly remembered. Human beings are full of worries about the future. Some people even put forward an idea that if human beings suddenly disappear on the earth one day, what material can prove that human beings existed? It has to be said that this is a problem worth pondering. Many high technologies will gradually corrode and age without human use. However, scientists have found that there are three substances that will never disappear. Which three? If we find these three substances, even if human beings disappear for 100 million years, we can prove that they once existed!


Three substances that will never disappear


First, fossils. Fossils are direct evidence of human existence. Experts often restore the prototypes of prehistoric organisms through fossils. After human death, fossils will be left, and the remains of human body will be buried in the soil over time. It’s very simple to prove the existence of human beings. We only need to dig out these fossils, conduct DNA testing, and use high technology to determine the identity of human beings. It also indirectly shows the traces of human existence on the earth.


The second material is sedimentary rock. The earth is in motion all the time, causing many disasters, such as the eruption of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, which are the proof of the earth’s activities. In case human beings disappear from the earth, the buildings left by human beings will be squeezed under the surface of the earth, forming a pile of rubble and rocks of different sizes. Although the metal materials will decay, some metal words will have cation negative electrodes, and these sediments will form Become a mark that can never be erased. If we can find these rocks, we can prove the existence of human beings.


The last material is uranium. Uranium is a kind of natural element, which is very common in nature. Generally, it is rare for us to see it. Only the concentration of uranium mined by human beings will decrease, and the concentration not mined will remain. If uranium is found, we can judge whether it has been mined by the concentration. Once the concentration decreases, we can prove that human beings have mined it. This is the best proof one of.


These materials can indirectly prove that human beings once existed on the earth, which has high research value. Through this problem, many people associate with the future of human beings. We don’t know what the future direction of human beings will be and whether it will be the same as that of dinosaurs. It’s in everyone’s grasp. Seeing the current situation of the earth, many people have a bad feeling. The greenhouse effect caused by global warming has an impact on all parts of the world. If it continues like this, human beings will not be far away from disappearing.

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