If we give human beings another 1000 years of development time, what will be the changes? The scientists gave the answer

The earth is a beautiful planet of life, but also the home of human survival. Although human beings were born late, only a million years ago, but the development of human beings is very fast. Let’s take the evolution of intelligent life as an example. It’s incredible that human beings only took about a million years. You know, 65 million years ago, the dominant dinosaur of the earth lived on the earth for 160 million years, but no wisdom was born, let alone civilization.

If we say that the birth of human wisdom is incredibly fast, then it is also incredibly fast for human beings to enter the scientific and technological civilization from the formation of civilization. Human civilization has been about 5000 years since the beginning of writing, while human science and technology has been only 200 years. However, with the development of science and technology in the past 200 years, human beings have realized their dream of going out of the earth and exploring the universe. What a great thing it is.

With the rapid development of human beings, if we give human beings another 1000 years, what will be the changes? 1000 years accounts for one fifth of the whole history of human civilization, which is not a very long time, it can be said that it is a very short time. If it was in ancient times, there would be no obvious changes in human civilization in 1000 years. For example, the period from Tang Dynasty to Ming Dynasty was about 1000 years. But during this period, did human civilization have great changes? did not.


The strength of the Ming Dynasty is not necessarily stronger than that of the Tang Dynasty, but if it is after the era of human civilization and science and technology, the development time of 1000 years will change dramatically. First of all, the life span of human beings will increase greatly. I believe many friends know that the life span of human beings has been increasing continuously since ancient times, especially after entering the era of science and technology.

If 100 years ago, the average life span of human beings was only over 50 years old, then now the average life span of human beings has reached more than 70 years old, with a gap of 20 years in 100 years. If calculated according to this gap, the average life expectancy of human beings will increase by about 200 years after 1000 years, and the average life expectancy of human beings may reach about 270 years.

Of course, this is only a conservative estimate. We need to know that human science and technology are developing very fast, and gene technology is also developing rapidly. Once human beings break the human gene code within a thousand years, the average life span of human beings may be far more than 270 years, or even more than 1000 years old.

The great increase of human life span is the welfare brought by science and technology. The changes brought by science and technology after 1000 years are far more than that. Let’s talk about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a new science rising in recent years, which is the inevitable product of the development of computer to a certain extent. And the development speed of artificial intelligence is also very fast.


Our current artificial intelligence is not artificial intelligence, it can only be regarded as the upgraded version of computer. However, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the artificial intelligence after 1000 years can be different from now. At that time, the artificial intelligence can be regarded as the real artificial intelligence, which is basically no different from human beings except that it does not have its own consciousness and emotion. They can communicate with human beings normally, help human beings do a lot of things, even act as high-level leaders in many companies, participate in some important scientific research of human beings, and they will become important new members of human civilization.

In the world after 1000 years, artificial intelligence will enter into thousands of households. People will not regard artificial intelligence as a program or a machine, but as another kind of human. Therefore, after 1000 years, artificial intelligence has become a trend. Every family will have at least one intelligent robot, and beautiful intelligent robot is more popular. Even some young people will marry beautiful intelligent robot as their wife, or an intelligent robot as their husband.

Another important application of artificial intelligence in 1000 years is intelligent family doctor. Disease is the product of the development of human civilization. No matter in modern times or in the future after 1000 years, disease will not disappear. Many of our current diseases are often discovered when they are very serious, but it is often too late at that time. Many diseases lurk in the human body, usually it is difficult to find, but we can not often run to the hospital for examination.


However, in the future of 1000 years, this situation will not exist. At that time, smart family doctors will be popularized in every family. Smart family doctors will scan our body every day, and very soon it may take only a few seconds. Through scanning, the smart family doctor will tell us our health status in time, what small problems have occurred, and whether we need to go to the hospital.

Therefore, after 1000 years, it is rare for human beings to find some diseases that are too late to be cured. Every day’s health scan can discover the disease in time. At this time, follow the advice of the family doctor, take some medicine or go to the hospital for simple treatment. So after 1000 years, although people will still have diseases often, but basically no one will lose their lives because of diseases, except for some congenital diseases that can not be cured.

Having said that, let’s talk about the ecological environment of the earth in 1000 years. I believe friends all know that the earth’s environment has become worse and worse since mankind entered the era of science and technology. The continuous deterioration of the ecological environment is a side effect of the rapid development of human science and technology. The main reason is that mankind has just entered the era of scientific and technological development, and the demand for resources is increasing, and the energy needed is basically polluting chemical energy, such as coal, oil, natural gas and so on. Even if we think that the clean energy combustible ice, when burning, it will still release greenhouse gases Carbon dioxide will also aggravate the greenhouse effect.

Therefore, the earth’s ecological environment, as long as human beings are still using chemical energy, it is difficult to achieve fundamental changes and will continue to deteriorate. Will the earth deteriorate to the point where it can’t survive in 1000 years? On the contrary, the earth’s ecological environment may be very beautiful after 1000 years, and there will be no pollution.


Why is that so? The reason is the substitution of energy. Controlled nuclear fusion has completely replaced the chemical energy in the past. I believe many friends know that controlled nuclear fusion is an important energy source that human beings have been studying and exploring. As early as 50 years ago, scientists began to study it. Nuclear fusion energy is a very stable and environmentally friendly energy, it will not produce any pollution, and its energy is strong enough, far more than all kinds of energy we use now.

Once human beings have mastered controllable nuclear fusion, the pollution of the earth’s ecological environment will be controlled. Once the earth has no pollution source, it will have self-regulation and recovery function. After hundreds of years of change, the earth’s living environment will be better and better. According to the development speed of science and technology, it is possible for human beings to master controllable nuclear fusion in 100 years, and completely replace other chemical energy sources in 200 years.

It is possible that the earth’s ecological environment will continue to deteriorate in the next 200 years or so, but after 200 years, the earth’s ecological environment will continue to improve. After 800 years of ecological adjustment, the earth’s environment in 1000 years may be even better than that in 1000 years ago. At that time, the beautiful scenery of blue sky, white clouds, stars, clear mountains, green water, birds singing and flowers will reappear.


After the realization of human controlled nuclear fusion, space technology will also usher in revolutionary changes. The most important thing in space exploration is the speed of spacecraft. If the spacecraft does not have enough speed, we can not even go out of the solar system, let alone explore more distant stars. But to achieve faster speed, we need more powerful energy, and the nuclear fusion engine is expected to make the spacecraft fly at sub light speed. At that time, flying out of the solar system is no longer a dream. We can also explore some galaxies near the solar system.

Will there be great changes in human civilization after 1000 years? Of course, we can’t see it. Although 1000 years is not a long time, the life span of human beings is too short. It will be 10 generations later. Of course, there’s one way we can live 1000 years later, and that’s freezing technology. However, we can’t experience the things and changes between 1000 years with freezing technology. Even if we wake up after a thousand years, we may be well adapted to the living environment in the future.

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