If we go into a black hole in a spaceship, what will we see? It could be a beautiful sight

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After the big bang, all kinds of materials were born, and these materials formed all kinds of celestial bodies, such as our common stars and planets. When a massive star dies, it will evolve into a more powerful kind of celestial black hole.

Black holes are familiar to us. Although we know very little about them, it is not difficult to find them because of the existence of event horizon of massive black holes. Just small and medium-sized black holes, we can hardly find them. Someone once put forward a hypothesis: if we go into a black hole, what will we see? It could be a world journey through the future.


If you dive into a huge black hole and want to see the other side of the event horizon, what is it like? It takes a lot of courage, because it may be an adventure trip that never comes back. It may be that you will reach the center of the black hole and see a scene that you can’t imagine. It may be that you can’t reach the center of the black hole and disappear forever.

Assuming that human science and technology are very powerful, with very powerful aircraft, and this kind of aircraft can not be torn by the strong gravity of the black hole, then it is possible to travel into the black hole and reach the center. So brave friends, let’s take such a powerful aircraft into the black hole to see what is inside the black hole that we can’t imagine?

In fact, there are many kinds of black holes, some are big, some are small; some are charged, some are not charged; some are spinning rapidly, and some are still. The black hole rotation we see is actually the rotation of its event horizon. There is no completely stationary black hole. Even if it looks stationary on the outside, its interior will rotate at a high speed. We choose a basically stationary black hole to enter, because when the spacecraft passes through the event horizon, it will suffer less resistance and be easier to enter the black hole successfully Holes.


At great distances, this large black hole is surprisingly mild. After all, it’s just a huge object, just like any other giant. Gravity is gravity, mass is mass, and the gravity of a black hole comes from huge mass. It’s just like the sun. Its gravity on you is the same as your gravity on it. In contrast, what black holes lack is beautiful sunlight, heat and radiation. So if you want to spin around the black hole at a safe distance, you can.

The black hole itself is a singularity, a point of infinite density. But you can’t see the singularity itself, because it’s shrouded in the event horizon. We usually think that event horizon is the “surface” of black hole. To go further, you must pierce the “veil”. The event horizon is not a real physical boundary. It is neither a membrane nor a surface. The simple definition of event horizon is a certain distance to the singularity. If it falls within this distance, you cannot escape. Therefore, black hole travel is destined to be a future travel with no return.

When the aircraft keeps approaching the black hole, you will feel its strong gravitational effect. Before entering the event horizon, we can break away from the gravitational shackles of the black hole at any time. But once you enter the event horizon, you have to go straight ahead.


The event horizon of black hole is very wide, which is the result of the central singularity. When we enter the event horizon, with the continuous progress, the distortion of the surrounding space will be more severe. At this time, due to the time expansion effect, the outside world will accelerate, while the time inside the black hole will be slower and slower, so the black hole travel can also be called future travel.

To explore the internal mystery of black holes, the most important thing is to reach the deepest singularity, only to see the singularity, to reach the singularity. You have completed the black hole journey. Can we see this singularity? In the event horizon, nothing is static. You are forced to move all the time, and singularity exists in all your possible futures.

In a black hole, the direction is no longer important. At this time, you can’t feel the front and back. The only goal is to keep approaching the singularity with the movement of the black hole. When you fall to the singularity, you won’t be shrouded in the dark. Light from the surrounding universe will fall with you and continue to fall after you. Due to extreme gravity, light moves to higher frequencies, and the outer universe seems to accelerate due to the expansion of time.


The real mystery of black holes lies in the singularity of infinitely concentrated mass and infinitely small volume. So the difference in gravity is very extreme. From head to toe, your body is stretched to the extreme, a process known as spaghetti. In addition, the middle of your torso will be squeezed. The squeeze will also act on the beam around you, concentrating the incoming light on the bright band around your waist.

The singularity in your eyes can also become grotesque and distorted. It’s dark – you can’t see it, because it exists in your future, just as your naked eye can’t see the future. Only when you reach the singularity can you know what it looks like. However, the singularity does not appear to be a small point. The huge gravitational difference will make the singularity extend and devour most of your field of vision.

So, even if we succeed in reaching the singularity, we will not be able to see its existence. Maybe at that time, we will feel that we have fallen to the surface of a black planet, and we will have a down-to-earth feeling. What we are stepping on may be the extension of the singularity. That also means that we have reached the singularity of the black hole, but there is no light around, and we don’t know what the singularity looks like.


In fact, the singularity inside the black hole is very mysterious and maybe not mysterious. The reason why it is mysterious is that we can’t really see it inside the black hole. The reason is that its mass is too large, and inside the black hole is a place of extreme space, you can feel the existence of singularity, but you can’t really see it.

It is not mysterious because the singularity may be similar to the origin of neutron stars. We all know that black holes come from the evolution of massive stars, which is the same as white dwarfs and neutron stars. When the life of massive stars comes to an end and supernova explosion occurs, some black holes evolve into white dwarfs, some into neutron stars, and the stars with especially large mass eventually evolve into black holes.

Neutron star is a kind of super dense objects that we can observe in the real universe. The diameter of neutron star is generally less than 15 km, which looks very small, but its mass is surprisingly large. Apart from black holes, it is estimated that no kind of celestial body dares to collide with neutron quantity, because its density is too large. Other celestial bodies collide with it, that is, eggs collide with rocks.


Although the neutron star is also very small, it is still within the human observable line of sight. We can see neutron stars through telescopes. So what does it have to do with the singularity in the black hole? Because they all originate from stars, the singularity may also be an infinitely reduced version of a neutron star. We usually call the singularity infinitely small in volume and infinitely large in mass. In fact, this statement is not completely correct. The singularity in a black hole can not be infinitely large in mass and infinitely small in volume. It is also a matter with mass and volume, but it has a higher density than a neutron star In order to create a distorted space, the formation of a black hole.

You know, a neutron star can also rotate at a high speed, and its smaller singularity can rotate faster. It is precisely because of its faster rotation speed (possibly infinitely close to the speed of light) and its surprisingly large mass that a space warped space is formed around itself, forming a mysterious black hole.

So, at the beginning of the article, we said that black hole travel is also future travel. Many people dream of traveling through time and space to reach the future. In fact, as long as we can enter the black hole travel, we can successfully reach the future. It’s possible that we travel into the black hole, and when we get there, you feel that time is only a little past. But when you get out of the black hole, the earth may have passed hundreds or thousands of years.


Of course, to travel into a black hole is just a matter of conjecture for human beings. Now we can’t even get close to it, let alone enter it. It may be said that a black hole will never be able to enter the exploration journey and come out again. In fact, this is not true.

The power of science and technology is powerful, full of unlimited possibilities. With the development of science and technology, we will know more about black holes in the future. When we completely solve the mystery of black holes, we may have ways and technologies to safely enter and get out of black holes. If black hole travel is really realized in the future, I believe there will be a lot of people going there. You know, it’s a channel through the future, and it’s also equivalent to another kind of life extension. We are looking forward to that day.

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