If we pour 13.6 billion tons of water on the sun, will the sun go out? Or it will burn more vigorously!

The earth is rich in water resources, and the ocean area accounts for 70% of the earth. In addition to these liquid oceans, there are a lot of glaciers in the north and south poles, and a lot of solid water in the thick frozen soil. Scientists once got a data, the earth’s water storage has reached 13.6 billion tons. This figure is beyond our imagination. If we pour all 13.6 billion tons of water on the sun, will the sun go out?


The sun is a planet with extremely high temperature. No satellite can reach the surface of the sun. Many satellites are destroyed by its high temperature before they reach the sun. Therefore, some people think that when 13.6 billion tons of water is poured on the sun, the temperature of the sun will definitely drop. Is there any scientific basis for this? First of all, we need to understand how the sun burns? On the earth, we want to put out the fire, generally with the help of water, water can reduce the temperature of the burning material, when its temperature reaches below the ignition point, it will stop burning. But the burning principle of the sun is quite different from what we know.


The burning principle of the sun


The sun’s combustion does not rely on any external force, but through a nuclear fusion reaction. When we look at the sun in the sky, it is only the size of a disk. In fact, the mass of the sun is very large, even up to 99% of the total mass of the solar system. Even Jupiter can not be compared with the sun. With the solid backing of mass, its gravity is very huge. When gravity works, it will squeeze toward the center, so the temperature of the center will continue to rise, reaching more than 15 million degrees.


nuclear fusion


There are a large number of electrons and nuclei deep in the center of the sun. Although it is difficult to form nuclear fusion at the high temperature of 15 million degrees, the probability is small. Once generated, the energy is huge. The mass of the sun is large enough. As long as there are enough nuclei in its depth, nuclear fusion will certainly take place. Once it happens, it will not disappear suddenly. Therefore, the sun has been burning continuously. If all the water on the earth is poured on the sun, will the sun stop burning?


Water is the combustion aid of the sun


The answer surprised many people. On earth, water is the enemy of fire. If you pour a lot of water on the sun, it will not go out, but will become more and more prosperous. It turns out that water is rich in particles. When water enters the surface of the sun, strong gravity will suck water into the center, and particles will enter the interior of the sun. In this case, water will also decompose into plasma materials, which will aggravate the production of nuclear fusion to a certain extent.


Therefore, 13.6 billion tons of water is a huge number for the earth, but it is a piece of cake in the huge sun. Because the sun relies on nuclear fusion to release energy, 13.6 billion tons of water can not extinguish it, on the contrary, it has become a “combustion booster”.

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