If we want to put out the sun, what kind of method can we do? Maybe there’s only one way

The solar system is the home of the earth, and in this home there are eight planets, only the earth is a beautiful planet of life. The reason why the earth can become a rare planet of life is closely related to the sun.

Without the suitable temperature and light that the sun brings to the earth, there will be no liquid water on the earth’s surface, no birth of life, let alone the birth of human beings. In a sense, the sun is the mother of life on earth.

People in ancient times deified the sun because they lacked the help of science and technology and did not know much about the sun. However, after mankind entered the era of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, we finally understood that the sun is actually a universal star in the universe. There are hundreds of billions of such stars in the galaxy, while there are countless in the whole universe.


A star is a very massive, burning fireball. When it comes to combustion, many people will think of some ways to put it out. On earth, once there is a fire, we can put out the fire through various methods, and let the burning objects return to calm. Is there any way to extinguish the burning stars in the universe?

Once someone posted such an interesting topic on the Internet, that is, how to put out the sun. And the majority of netizens also play their brain hole, put forward a variety of methods, so these methods hope to put out the sun? Now let’s have a brief understanding of the various methods of extinguishing the sun put forward by netizens.

The first method is to use a large amount of water to extinguish the sun. We all know that on earth, firefighters use water to extinguish fires. As long as there is enough water, no fire can not be extinguished. Even the wildfire that broke out in Australia at the end of last year and lasted for several months had to be extinguished as long as there was a rainfall in nature.

So in many people’s cognition, water and fire are insoluble, and water can completely restrain fire. Can water restrain and extinguish the sun? The answer is No. We need to understand that combustion in our cognition is a kind of fossil combustion, which needs oxygen in the air to support combustion. As long as the air is isolated and there is no oxygen supply, the combustion will naturally go out.


The reason why water can extinguish fossil combustion is that it can isolate the air. Without the help of oxygen, combustion will automatically extinguish. But the burning of the sun is different from ordinary fossil burning. It is a kind of nuclear fusion reaction, and the combustion required is hydrogen and helium. Nuclear fusion reaction does not need the help of oxygen, and water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. When water is close to the sun, it will decompose into hydrogen, which becomes the combustion of nuclear fusion.

Therefore, a large amount of water poured on the sun can only intensify the reaction of nuclear fusion, not only can not extinguish the sun, but will make the sun burn more vigorously, playing a counter effect. Thus, it is a very stupid idea to use water to extinguish the sun. It is not to extinguish the sun, but to add fuel to the fire.

The second method is to use enough nuclear bombs to extinguish the sun. Nuclear weapons use the energy generated by atomic collisions. Hydrogen bombs are an uncontrollable nuclear fusion reaction. So to some extent, nuclear weapons have many similarities with the burning inside the sun. Can nuclear weapons extinguish the sun by relying on their similar properties? The answer is also impossible.


Some people may say that the sun is too huge, and its mass accounts for 99.86% of the whole solar system. When human nuclear weapons arrive at the sun, they can only tickle the sun. They have no effect at all, and naturally they cannot extinguish the sun. Is that really the case? If you think so, it’s a big mistake. The sun is very huge. There’s no doubt about it. It’s a star after all.

However, no matter how big a star is, it can be destroyed as long as it breaks its internal balance. Human nuclear weapons are really insignificant in front of the sun, but if a large number of nuclear weapons collide with the sun, it will also have a very big impact. The power of a nuclear explosion can also affect the balance inside the sun.

However, the impact can not extinguish the sun. On the contrary, it may intensify the nuclear fusion reaction inside the sun like pouring oil on it, making the sun burn more vigorously, and even producing a series of uncontrollable and terrible consequences. Therefore, we can’t blow up the sun with nuclear weapons and expect to extinguish it. That’s unrealistic and impossible.

The third method is to use antimatter to extinguish the sun. As we all know, antimatter exists in the universe when there is positive matter. The amount of positive and negative matter is the same, but the antimatter is hidden deep in the positive and negative matter. Only through certain methods can antimatter be extracted.


At present, scientists have been able to create a small amount of antimatter in the laboratory. When the positive and negative matter meet, they will annihilate and cancel each other, explode and generate huge energy. If we bombard the sun with enough antimatter, can we extinguish the sun?

In fact, this method is similar to using nuclear bombs to attack the sun. They can not extinguish the sun, but will trigger more intense nuclear fusion reaction. Therefore, it is not advisable to use antimatter to extinguish the sun.

As we can see from the above three methods, they are all destructive ways to try to extinguish the sun. This obviously can’t be done. We don’t want to destroy the sun if we want to extinguish the sun. If the sun is destroyed, then the solar system will not exist. So what kind of method can extinguish the sun stably and safely?


Some people may say that no matter what method is used to extinguish the sun, it is impossible. Is this really the case? If you think so, it’s a big mistake. Although stars are powerful celestial bodies in the universe, there are still many things that can restrain them. Here we introduce a way to safely extinguish the sun, which is to use black holes.

As we all know, black holes can be regarded as the dominating objects in the universe. The characteristic of black hole is phagocytosis, whether it is stars, planets and other celestial bodies, or light, once it enters its horizon, it can not escape, and finally it is phagocytized and disappeared.

We can think of a black hole as a powerful vacuum cleaner, any matter close to it will be absorbed and swallowed. If we put a black hole next to the sun or throw it into the sun, then relying on the powerful phagocytic ability of the black hole, we can constantly devour the hydrogen and other substances of the sun. If the sun does not burn hydrogen, nuclear fusion will naturally stop, and then it will go out.

Theoretically, it’s OK, but it’s not easy to do. First of all, we need a small black hole of suitable size and mass. The sun is a small star, it can not withstand the phagocytosis of those larger black holes. Once a stellar black hole approaches the sun, it will eventually engulf the whole sun, even the whole solar system.


In order to extinguish the sun without destroying the sun and the solar system, the mass of the black hole must be very small, and this kind of micro black hole may not exist in the universe, so it needs artificial black hole. However, human’s understanding of black holes is limited to their existence, but they have little knowledge of the nature of black holes.

Therefore, it is impossible for human beings to create a black hole. Of course, with the rapid development of human science and technology, once we fully understand black holes in the future, maybe man-made black holes can also be realized. At that time, can we go to extinguish the sun? Naturally, the answer is not that if the sun goes out, life on earth will not survive.

Some people may think that it is meaningless for us to discuss how to extinguish the sun, but in fact it is very meaningful. Only when we know how to extinguish the sun, can we better protect the sun. We should know that the life of the sun is not unlimited. After one billion years, the sun may expand to the red giant, thus threatening the survival of the earth and human beings.


Only when we know enough about the sun can we change the fate of the sun in the future. We should know that the power of science and technology is infinite. The normal fate of the sun is to evolve into a white dwarf after 5 billion years. However, with the help of human science and technology, the life of the sun may increase significantly. After 5 billion years, it can still serve the earth, and human beings do not have to leave the solar system.

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