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In September 2010, American astronomers observed a star with a diameter of 4000 km, which is a very dense crystalline carbon. When it comes to crystalline carbon, you may be unfamiliar with it. In fact, crystalline carbon is a diamond. This diamond planet is 10 times 43 cubic meters in size.


It is often heard that a diamond will go bankrupt if it lasts for a long time. Diamond has always been a symbol of wealth. After the first observation of the diamond planet, Steve cavaller led an astronomical team of 50 people to study the star and infer that it is a crystal ball composed of carbon and oxygen. This planet has a nice name – Lucy, just like a young girl in her infancy, shining in the Milky way. Lucy’s code is bpm37093, which is composed of the ash of a star slightly larger than the sun after cooling. Although most stars will turn into white dwarfs after death, and some particularly large stars will explode to produce supernovae, crystalline white dwarfs are still very rare stars.

Everything in the universe seems eternal, but actually has its own life, including the earth and the sun, on which we live. White dwarf is a star in old age. Most of white dwarf is composed of carbon and wrapped with a layer of hydrogen and helium, which is also the necessary condition for white dwarf to become a “Diamond planet”.


Bpm37093 is located in the constellation Sagittarius, which is 5 billion light-years away from the earth. Such a distance makes all people obsessed with Lucy on the earth shy away. This is a star that cannot be reached by human life. Even so, scientists have never stopped studying. According to the information released by scientists, the white dwarf “bpm37093” is not a real diamond, but its composition is very similar to diamond.


The planet most similar to diamonds is a diamond planet coded 55 Cancri e discovered by scientists in 2011. In fact, it was not confirmed until Yale University in 2012. Before that, people always thought that 55 Cancri e had chemical composition similar to earth.

In fact, the main components of 55 Cancri e are carbon in the form of graphite and diamonds, as well as iron, silicon carbide and some silicates. Everything on the surface is glittering with diamonds, which is a real diamond planet. Unlike previous discoveries by Xifang, this is the first star to orbit a sun like star. Compared with the earth, the 55 Cancri e is twice as big and eight times as heavy, but it only rotates for 18 hours. Such a rotating planet is not suitable for human walking. The surface temperature of 55 Cancri e is about 2148 degrees centigrade, which also leads to the formation of a large number of diamonds.


The research report shows that the main components of 55 Cancri e are carbon in the form of graphite and diamond, as well as iron, silicon carbide and some silicates. The surface temperature is about 2148 degrees Celsius. This high temperature makes the formation of diamonds and the formation of diamonds, making 55 Cancri e a real diamond planet.


Although Lucy is not a diamond planet strictly speaking, Frank of the United States still submitted the ownership of the planet. After more than one year’s certification, Frank became the richest person in the world. Whether he can use this wealth is Frank’s business! Compared with Lucy 55, Cancri E has no master now, but it will always be a dream beyond human touch.

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