If you drop an ant from a height, how far does it take to kill it?

If you drop an ant from a height, how far does it take to kill it?


Man is the master of the earth, and also stands at the top of the food chain. Man has a way to deal with any creature in nature, because man has a unique brain, generates consciousness and wisdom, and can solve a huge thing without spending brute force. In the eyes of man, ants are extremely weak. They are not only small in size, but also small in strength. It is difficult to walk on the road You can trample a few ants. In our spare time, we often see ants moving food. Groups of ants are powerful and can easily move a food and return to the nest so that they can eat.


How to kill an ant?


We don’t know how many ants we trample on in our life. No one has ever counted the number of ants. How many ants are there in the world? Even scientists can’t give an accurate estimate. It’s very simple for humans to kill an ant. They can directly trample on it with their feet. It’s not so easy to drop it from high. Since ancient times, we have never heard of an ant being killed by a fall. What is the reason? If you drop an ant from a height, how far does it take to kill it?


Since there are a lot of queer people in the world who have tried this, there must be a lot of queer people in the world. There are only two possibilities for an ant to fall to death. One is that it is difficult to fall to death, and the other is that it can’t fall to death at all. What kind of situation is it? For any creature, as long as the height is high enough, most creatures can be killed by falling. For humans, falling from the second floor, if the posture is not appropriate, will also cause physical injury.


The main reason why ants can’t fall to death


It has been said that cats have nine lives. They are flexible and can fall from the fourth or fifth floor safely. People are different. With the increase of height, the probability of a creature being killed increases. How high does it take to kill an ant? Ants are living in two-dimensional space. We need to know the reason why a creature falls to death, and the kinetic energy generated when a creature falls to the ground at high altitude. One is related to the weight of the object itself, and the other is related to the falling speed of the object.


The mass of an ant is quite small, only 50 mg per ant. The heavier the creature, the faster it falls, and the more serious the loss is. Since the weight of the ant is so light, it will not cause too much damage if it falls to the ground. There is another problem. We have neglected the formula of free fall, which must conform to an ideal environment. The ant’s fall has deviated from the orbit. When the speed of a creature reaches the corresponding value, the resistance of gravity and air will produce a balance, and the falling speed will not increase, which is called terminal speed.


Ants have the biggest advantage is the low quality, according to 50 mg calculation, no matter how high the ants fall from, it can still remain safe. It’s even more difficult to kill ants if you want to. It’s the most straightforward thing to trample them to death. This is also the reason why humans rarely fall ants from high altitude. It has no substantial impact on them. What do you know about ants? You can leave a message for interaction.

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