If you go to the seaside and see this beautiful thing, you must run far away!

There is a very beautiful marine creature, the mantra jellyfish. It is very beautiful. It floats in the water. It is light blue and transparent. Its shape is very similar to the hat of a monk candidate. Its long soft tentacles are like beautiful ribbons. It looks very clear and beautiful.


But if you meet such a beautiful jellyfish by the sea, you must stay far away, because it can sting people and is highly toxic. If its tiny tentacles can reach 9 meters, many swimmers will be too late to avoid it when they see it. The venom of the Scylla is secreted by tiny prickle cells in the tentacles. The toxin secreted by a single prickle cell is negligible, while the toxin secreted by thousands of prickle cells is no less powerful than that secreted by any poisonous snake. The toxin secreted by the Scylla is a neurotoxin. If it is stung, it will not only suffer from severe pain, but also suffer from sudden drop of blood pressure, dyspnea, gradual loss of consciousness, general shock, and finally death due to pulmonary circulation failure.

In fact, it is not a real jellyfish, it is a community of Hydra and jellyfish, and each individual has a high degree of specialization. This species belongs to tropical and subtropical species, and is not distributed in the coastal areas of China. Only in the tropical and subtropical waters of Southern Fujian, there are two species belonging to the same genus. They are smaller and have fewer tentacles. In Australia, tens of thousands of people are stung by capuchins every year.


If you are stung by a Scylla, you should stay away from the sea area and go ashore or on board as soon as possible. You can do emergency treatment: wear gloves to remove the visible tentacles on the skin, be careful not to press the prickle cells deeper into the skin, and wash them repeatedly with a large amount of water or salt water. If the eye is stung, immediately wash the eye with plenty of mild water and seek emergency medical treatment.


Beautiful things often have unknown dangers. There are many wonderful little-known creatures in the ocean. If you go to the seaside, you must keep away from such beautiful things to avoid being hurt!

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