If you hit the ground with an iron ball like this, it is said that you can destroy the whole solar system?

You may not see a small iron ball, but you must not think that the power of an iron ball may be infinite. For example, what happens when an iron ball (20kg) moving at the speed of light hits the earth?


First of all, it’s just a hypothesis. Because according to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a stationary object cannot reach the speed of light. So now, it’s almost impossible for an iron ball to hit the earth at the speed of light. Let’s just assume that.


In fact, we know that both force and speed have certain relativity. When force acts on each other, it also acts on itself. In the same way, speed is the same. When an iron ball collides with the earth at the speed of light, it is equivalent to that the earth collides with the iron ball at the speed of light. Its energy is infinite, and it is far faster than the escape speed of the electrons and neutrons in nuclear fusion. Therefore, when the earth collides with the iron ball at the speed of light, it will produce a lot of high temperature and high pressure, which will not only bring heavy damage to the earth, but also affect the entire solar system!


This kind of impact produces more energy than nuclear fusion inside the sun. It produces extremely high pressure and temperature. At this time, we know that the radius of the earth is much smaller than the radius of the light beam, so the iron ball can quickly enter the earth, and then produce nuclear fusion from the inside to the outside. At this time, the earth is equivalent to a nuclear bomb explosion, releasing a lot of energy beyond the inside of the sun. It’s equivalent to a small-scale new planetary explosion.


And we know that the energy generated by the new planetary explosion is greater than the ability of hydrogen nuclear fusion, and even much greater than the energy inside the sun. Therefore, asteroids around the earth and the sun will be greatly affected. Some of them will be completely vaporized, that is, directly evaporated. Their surface material will be blown away, leaving only the inner core, and even some material on the surface of the sun will explode and disappear.


So the power of the speed of light is still very powerful. Take the largest electronic machine in the underground world in Switzerland for example. Through the impact experiment, we can clearly see the great power of the speed of light and infer how much energy will be released by the cosmic explosion. So the speed of light is a physical phenomenon higher than nuclear fusion. Although the iron ball is simple, it impacts the earth at the speed of light, but its energy is very huge.


So, if you use a 20kg iron ball to hit the ground at the speed of light, will it destroy the entire solar system?


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