If you keep digging down, how long will it take to dig through the earth? The answer may not come to your mind

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. In ancient times, people knew very little about the planet they lived on. They did not know that human beings actually lived on the surface of the earth, nor did they know the shape and size of the earth, let alone that 71% of the surface area of the earth was ocean.

With the continuous progress of human civilization, 300 years ago, mankind began to enter the era of scientific and technological development, and human civilization also ushered in a new era – the era of science and technology. With the help of science and technology, human beings soon walked out of the earth. At this time, we realized that the earth was originally a sphere. Standing in space to see the earth, it was a beautiful blue planet.

71% of the earth’s surface area is the ocean, 29% of the land area, and one third is desert, because the land area where people really live is very small. Now we all know that human beings live on the surface of the earth, so many people will be curious about what will happen inside the earth. Naturally, scientists also want to explore the mystery of the earth’s interior.


Although human beings have gone out of the earth to explore the universe, and probes have been able to explore the major planets in the solar system, scientists know very little about the internal conditions of the earth. If they want to really understand the real situation of the internal conditions of the earth, they have to go deep into the earth before they can understand it. So scientists put forward the crazy bottom drilling experiment, hoping to dig deep into the earth’s core.

Someone once asked the question: if we keep digging down, how long will it take to dig through the earth? I believe some friends have thought about this question. Today, let’s listen to how scientists answer it.

Let’s first take a look at the most famous hole digging experiment in human history, that is, the ultra deep Kola drilling experiment initiated by the former Soviet Union. This experiment caused a sensation in the world at that time. We all know that half a century ago, the Soviet Union was very powerful. There were all kinds of competitions with the United States. The first man-made satellite was launched by the Soviet Union, and Gagarin, the first astronaut to go into space, was from the Soviet Union.

Later, the United States did not want to lag behind. In the space race, a manned landing on the moon was realized, which also caused a sensation in the world. To explore the earth, the Soviet Union also took the lead, and put forward a more bold and crazy plan, that is, to drill through the earth. Of course, this plan and idea is very beautiful, but only after the real excavation did we know how ridiculous the original dream of digging through the earth was.


As we all know, the average radius of the earth is 6371 km. It takes more than 60000 meters of drill pipe to dig through the earth. Of course, this is not the most important. The most important thing is to need a super strong drill bit. The Soviet Union’s Kola ultra deep drilling experiment began in 1970, and it was relatively smooth in the first nine years, and soon it was over ten thousand meters. This has broken the record of the United States, which makes scientists more excited and confident to dig deeper.

However, the subsequent excavation is becoming more and more difficult. The main reason is that the temperature inside the earth is getting higher and higher. Although the temperature on the earth’s surface is very mild, the earth’s interior is just a furnace. The deeper the earth goes, the higher the temperature is. The temperature can reach below 6000 degrees. Scientists don’t know how high the temperature of the earth’s interior is.

With the deepening of the excavation, the steel is softened by the high temperature, and the drilling equipment often breaks, so it has to stop to replace the equipment. The process is very slow. However, the spirit of the scientists is still very good. They did not give up the plan and continued to dig down. Finally, a deep hole of 12262 meters was excavated, which is also the deepest artificial drilling hole in the world.


The Soviet Union’s Kola ultra deep drilling experiment took 23 years. In 23 years, a 12262 meter deep hole was dug, but the speed of excavation gradually slowed down. In 10 years, only more than 200 meters were dug. The Kola ultra deep drilling experiment stopped in 1983, and the hole was closed. There are many folk opinions about the reason why the experiment stopped. In fact, the real reason is not that scientists don’t want to dig, nor is it a matter of funding, but that they can’t continue to dig.

It took more than 10 years for the last 200 meters of kola drilling hole to understand that the deeper the hole is, the higher the temperature will be, and the existing drill material will be softened or even melted, so it is not able to dig. Therefore, the question of how many years it will take to dig through the earth is a very ridiculous question.

In fact, whether the earth can be dug through is not a matter of time, but a matter of human civilization and technology. If human science and technology have not made greater breakthroughs, and have not really studied how to withstand the rising temperature inside the earth, it will never be possible to dig through the earth. However, if human science and technology burst out and developed bit materials that can withstand the ultra-high temperature deep in the earth’s core, it’s not impossible to dig through the earth, and it won’t take long, maybe about ten years.

Of course, scientists have also issued relevant warnings. Even if human science and technology are developed to the point of digging through the earth one day, it must not be implemented, or it will bring disaster to the earth. Why? We can think of the earth as a sealed sphere filled with high temperature, high pressure and various liquid substances.


Just imagine, once such a sphere passes through a hole in front and back, what will happen? I believe many people will think that the internal pressure leakage, at the same time a large number of high-temperature liquid material erupted, the earth fell into a sea of fire, the ecological environment was damaged. Even with the help of science and technology, the fire will be put out soon. The danger inside the earth has been solved, but the threat outside the earth may have just begun.

After the release of the earth’s internal pressure, it will affect the earth’s rotation and revolution. The earth’s orbit may change. A small change in the earth’s orbit may lead to an unpredictable space disaster. If at that time, human beings have not developed enough to carry out interstellar migration, it is likely to usher in a huge crisis.

So digging through the earth is a crazy idea and a plan that can’t be implemented. Even if we have this ability in the future, that is to dig a hole to explore the earth’s interior at most, it may also be a very dangerous thing. But the mystery of the earth’s interior is also attracting scientists and countless people. Xiaobian also wants to know what’s going on inside the earth? Is there a geocentric space and a geocentric world? Is there an ocean inside the earth. We can’t explore these mysteries now, and we believe that they can be realized in the future.


My friends, what’s your opinion on this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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