If you meet a bear in the wild, you can’t pretend to be dead or run away! Netizen: then stand still?

There are bears in the forest! Many people know this story: a pair of friends met a bear in the wild, one of them left his friend and went up the tree, the other had no choice but to pretend to be dead to avoid the black bear. But in reality met the black bear also really can pretend to be dead to escape?


Biologists tell us the answer based on the habits of wild bears. First of all, it’s absolutely impossible to pretend to be dead, because bears eat everything, whether it’s animals, plants or insects, and of course, whether it’s dead or alive. You play dead? Well, I’ll eat you when I die! Second, don’t run fast. Do you know the speed of the black bear? When a bear pursues its prey, its speed can be as high as 45 miles per hour, which is equivalent to the speed of Sprinters in the Olympic Games. When you turn your head and run fast, the bear will take you as its prey, overtake you, knock you down, and finally eat you!


It’s no good pretending to be dead or running fast. What should I do when I meet a bear? People who have lived in the mountains for a long time tell you: if you meet a bear in the wild, try to make a detour and stay away quietly. In fact, under normal circumstances, a bear is also afraid of meeting unknown animals occasionally. When humans see a bear trying to stay away, they may also try to avoid humans. However, it will be different when a female bear is carrying a cub or an injured and hungry bear. The female bear is eager to protect her son, and the injured bear is in a state of alert attack. At this time, the bear is more likely to take the initiative to attack humans. If you are really unfortunate to walk face-to-face with the bear, you should try your best to keep calm and watch the bear carefully while leaving slowly. At this time, if you see the bear want to keep close, you must try your best to make a noise, such as yelling to scare it, but don’t throw stones to attack them, so as not to irritate them. In fact, bears will also go to the tree. Try not to go to the tree to escape.


In fact, if people want to go to the forest, they can use these methods to reduce the chance of meeting bears. 1. When walking in the forest, make some noises. Don’t be too quiet. Under normal circumstances, the bear will take the initiative to avoid the noises. 2. Stay away from the bear and don’t come near when you see the lovely bear. It is possible that the mother bear will look at you not far away. 3. Keep away from animal carcasses. The place where there are animal carcasses may be the “meal” known or to be known by bears. Similarly, the food you bring should be well packed to reduce the smell of food. There is also a “anti bear spray” I do not know if you have heard of it. It is said that when it comes to black bear attack, it can be used to spray the bear’s eyes and mouth and nose. If you want to go wild adventure, take it with you.

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