If you see the existence of this creature, don’t get used to it. You should also catch it!

Invading China’s giant fish, causing ecological disaster, some people regard its scales as gemstones!


Everyone has heard of the word “alien species invasion”. What’s more, these things in other countries are very troublesome. Biological invasion will make great changes in the ecological environment of this country, and even people’s lives will be greatly affected, and now biological invasion has become a normalization.


In fact, there are biological invasion phenomena in China, but these phenomena have been used to by Chinese people. Biological invasion also occurs in China, but many invaders are digested. Before, crayfish and bullfrog were the main seed players of biological invasion, but later they were made into delicious food by the Chinese, and even began to breed. But not all biological invasions can be perfectly digested internally.


Although the Chinese people eat in a variety of ways, there is a kind of fish invasion that the Chinese people can not solve. This is a very large fish, it’s alligator eel. This kind of fish originated in the United States and is notorious in the United States. This is a carnivorous fish, and the growth cycle is fast, aggressive, like to kill other fish in the water as their prey. The weight is generally about 150 kg, and the body length is even more than two meters. In the water, it’s like a overlord. Its name is alligator eel. It looks like a crocodile. Some experts suspect that it was evolved from a prehistoric crocodile. It has sharp teeth, the body also has great power, ordinary people are difficult to subdue him. Through research, scientists have found that alligator eel does not eat much of the food they need for their own energy. Many people find their stomachs empty after catching this kind of fish. But such a large body must also need strong energy support, and it must eat a lot of food to survive.


If this kind of fish is found in fresh water, it will cause a devastating blow to all the fish in this freshwater lake. It will eat the fish in the water, there are a lot of fish fishermen, found in their own pond alligator eel. So I tried my best to catch it even if I drained the water. Fishermen know how harmful it is. If they don’t get rid of it within a year, it may be in vain.


In the eyes of some tribes, they think the scales on alligator eel are very valuable and ornamental. After they kill crocodile and eel, they use their scales as exhibits and ornaments to watch. Moreover, this kind of creature has almost no natural enemies and lives carefree in Chinese waters.


Some people will treat this kind of fish as pets, while others don’t want to keep it anymore. Because they really eat too much, they release them to the wild. However, releasing them to the wild has a great impact on the environment. So we should not abandon pets at will, so as not to cause environmental threat.

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