If you shoot in space, the bullet will fly all the way down? You don’t think of the answer

The universe is vast and vast, with countless galaxies, countless stars and countless mysterious phenomena. Since the first man-made satellite, the exploration of the universe began to accelerate. Decades later, the development of human civilization is very rapid, especially in space exploration. With the help of advanced telescopes and many detectors, we have more and more knowledge of the universe.

As human beings begin to explore the universe, astronauts become very important. Space is different from the earth’s environment and is a very dangerous place. The cultivation of every astronaut costs a lot of time and money, so every astronaut is a national treasure. Because of the rarity and importance of astronauts, people also pay close attention to every move of some astronauts. Careful friends will find that today’s astronauts have to be equipped with a pistol when they go to space. Many people don’t understand why at first? Are there any creatures in space that could threaten astronauts? Finally, the experts came out to explain, and people understood that the original astronauts equipped with pistols were not used in space, but to prevent the return capsule from landing on the earth, and landing in the primeval forest and other dangerous places in case of wild animals.

The reason why the astronauts were equipped with pistols in space was found. At this time, some friends raised an interesting question: what would happen if they fired a gun in space? This question seems very simple, but it baffles a lot of people. Some friends have published articles to explain and discuss this problem. Many people think that space is a vacuum state, and there is no resistance. After a bullet is fired, it will fly forward in a straight line, and it will not stop until it meets an obstacle. Is this really the case?


As we all know, the flying distance of bullets on the earth is limited. This is because the earth has gravity. After a bullet flies out, it will fall down due to the influence of gravity. But in space, there is no gravity, in a vacuum state, and there is very little resistance. According to the principle of mechanics, the bullet has no gravity effect, there is no resistance in front, and it will fly straight ahead. If there is no barrier in front, it will fly straight ahead.

It is estimated that many people think so, but the real situation may not be like this. There is no resistance in space, but it does not mean that there is no other force in space. If there is no force in space, the planet will not perform its duties and run according to its own orbit. It can be seen that there is still a powerful existence in space, and many people may think of gravity.

In fact, the distance of a bullet fired by a pistol in space will be very long, but it’s not easy to fly in a straight line. For example, our spacecraft is in earth orbit. When you shoot a bullet out of the cabin, it will fly forward, but it won’t leave the earth orbit. The real situation is that the bullet is flying forward, it’s getting farther and farther away from you, but it’s still with you Around the earth in the same direction, but the lowest point of the orbit may be lower than you. Eventually, the bullet will return to the launch point and may hit you from behind. Therefore, it is very dangerous to shoot in space, and you have to leave the launch point after shooting.

If the bullet is fired in an orbit far away from the earth, it will not be affected by the gravity of the earth, and it will fly forward rapidly, and it will be farther and farther away from you. However, it will be affected by the gravity of other planets in the process of flight, and its orbit will slowly bend, and eventually it will orbit a certain planet. It is impossible to fly infinitely.


So the bullet really can’t escape the influence of the planet’s gravity and fly all the time? The answer is, of course, it is possible. The reason why the pistol can’t fly in a straight line is that its initial speed is low. The initial speed of the bullet is only 700 meters per second. This speed is extremely fast on earth, but it is far from the speed to get rid of gravity.

We all know that there are every cosmic speed, the second cosmic speed, the third cosmic speed and so on. If a bullet wants to fly further, the starting speed must reach the first cosmic speed, and the first cosmic speed is 7.9 kilometers per meter. As long as the initial speed of the bullet can reach the first, second and third cosmic speed, it is really invincible in the universe. Who can see such a bullet Bullets have to make a detour for fear of being hit by it, and how far such a bullet can fly is also unknown. If there is no collision with cosmic objects in front, it is not impossible to fly out of the solar system and go further.

I once read a science fiction novel in which two civilizations fought. One of them defeated the other with a small thing like a bullet. Many people may say, how is this possible? Can a bullet decide the victory of a star war? There must be nonsense in the novel, but it’s really possible in reality.


How does the civilization in the novel work? That is, the initial velocity of the bullet is very large. How big is it? Speed of light, you heard me right. This civilization has made a breakthrough in technology. With the technology of making the initial speed of a bullet reach the speed of light, just imagine how terrible it is. This civilization started to launch this bullet a few light years ago. Of course, this bullet is specially made, very hard, and of great mass, similar to the mass of a neutron star.

This bullet is fired at the speed of light, and the target is the other party’s administrative planet. However, the other party does not have any means to intercept the bullet at this speed, and eventually the bullet hits the planet. In the end, we should be able to reach each other, and the planet will explode and be destroyed. In fact, the speed of a bullet can reach the speed of light. Scientists have also expressed their opinion that it can easily break through a planet, which may bring devastating disaster.

The civilized bullet in the novel just now reaches the speed of light at the beginning, and it is accelerating in the process of flight. The final speed may exceed the speed of light. Its power is far greater than our imagination. Perhaps the power described in the novel is smaller. Is it difficult for a bullet exceeding the speed of light to destroy a planet? No problem at all.

Of course, the above is just a novel. In reality, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed limit of an object in a vacuum is the speed of light, which can only be infinitely close to, not to reach, let alone surpass. Even if a bullet that is extremely close to the speed of light hits the earth, scientists think that the earth is almost finished.


Guys, what do you think of that? Welcome to leave a message to discuss, no matter right or wrong, it is my awe of mystery.

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