If you stay in a black hole for an hour, how long does it take for the earth? You may not believe the answer

There are countless celestial bodies in the vast universe. Some celestial bodies are very special and mysterious. For example, pulsars can rotate at high speed and send out regular radio signals. People who don’t know the truth still think that this is a signal from alien civilization. If we want to say which kind of celestial body in the universe is the most mysterious and full of exploration desire, it must be black hole.

Modern science believes that the production process of black hole is similar to that of neutron star: when a star is ready to die, its core shrinks, collapses and explodes rapidly under its own gravity. When all the matter in the core becomes neutrons, the shrinking process stops immediately and is compressed into a dense star, which also compresses the internal space and time. But in the case of black holes, even the repulsive force between neutrons cannot be stopped because the mass of the star’s core is so large that the shrinking process goes on endlessly. The neutron itself is crushed into powder under the attraction of squeezing gravity, and the rest is a matter of unimaginable density. Because of the gravity of high mass, any object close to it will be sucked in by it.

Generally speaking, the mass of a black hole is very large. It is the most massive object in the universe, so its gravity is huge. Phagocytosis is also a characteristic of black holes. No object, including light and electromagnetic waves, can escape the phagocytosis of black holes. Therefore, it is not too difficult to find a black hole in the universe. When we find that somewhere in the universe, the space is very clean and there is nothing, At the same time, the light will disappear when it passes through this position, which can basically confirm that there may be a black hole at this position.

There is a huge black hole in the center of the galaxy. Its gravity binds all the galaxies in the galaxy to move around it. The black hole is so mysterious that it naturally attracts the interest of countless astronomical enthusiasts. Someone once asked this question: if you stay in the black hole for an hour, how long has it been on the earth? Can it be a day in the cave and a year on earth?


I once saw a movie in which the protagonist accidentally fell into a black hole and stayed in the black hole for a while. When he returned to the earth, he found that his daughter had grown up and was an old man, and she was the same as before. It’s just a movie, it’s fictional, but it’s really possible in the universe.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the faster an object moves, the slower the flow of time. When the speed of an object reaches the speed of light, time and space are meaningless, and time will stop. For example, you take a spaceship to fly 100 light-years in the universe and return to the earth. It has been more than 100 years since the earth came back. Things are different, but you only feel that a moment has passed, and you are not old, and you are as young as before.

Some scientists once proposed an idea to go to the future: take a spaceship to orbit around the black hole. Due to the huge gravity of the black hole, the rotation speed of the space around it is bound to be very fast. The spaceship will orbit around the black hole along with the high-speed orbit of the black hole, and this speed may reach the speed of sub light or even light.

When the spaceship moves along the black hole for a period of time, it goes out of orbit and returns to the earth. It may have been decades or hundreds of years since the earth came to the future of the earth. However, for people on the spaceship, they don’t feel that the time has passed for a long time. It may be just a few hours or days. This principle is to use the theory of relativity, the faster the object speed, the slower the time flow.

In the same way, if a person stays in a black hole for an hour, because the time in the black hole passes very slowly, he leaves the black hole after an hour, and the earth may have spent several years or more, depending on the speed of the orbit outside the black hole. If the speed of light is reached, the time inside the black hole is still, and the speed of the time you can’t feel inside, Maybe you feel like you’ve been in a black hole for an hour, and the earth may be thousands of years old.


Of course, the above is just a dream of a friend with a big brain hole. In fact, you can’t enter a black hole. The gravity of a black hole is so huge that even a nearby star can be torn into pieces, let alone a weak body. Unless in the future humans develop a spaceship that can resist the pull of the strong gravity of the black hole, you stay in the spaceship, that’s OK.

For black holes, now scientists can’t figure out what it is. We only know that the matter inhaled by black holes has disappeared, but no one knows whether it really turns into particles and completely disappears. Some people say that a black hole is actually a wormhole, through which you can reach the depths of the universe and even to another universe.

No matter what the black hole is, if we want to really study and explore it, we still have to rely on the continuous development of human science and technology. I believe that one day, human spaceships can enter the black hole for exploration and research. At that time, we may have a deeper understanding of the black hole. If the time inside the black hole can really be stationary or the flow speed is very slow, then we may rely on the black hole If you go to the future, you may find that it is a channel of time and space, and that it is more blessed for human beings.

Guys, what do you think a black hole will be? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions.


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