If you were born in the Jurassic era, how do you feel when you eat seafood? You know what?

As we all know, in the ancient Jurassic era, dinosaurs were not the dominators of the earth, so were the benthos then the same as they are now? If we went to the seaside to eat seafood at that time, what would it be like? First of all, I’d like to introduce to you what kind of “seafood” there were in the ocean during the period of dinosaurs.

First of all, Canglong was an extremely terrifying animal at that time, and all its prey would be easily eaten. Although its name was dragon, biologically, it did not belong to dinosaurs, but was a carnivorous amphibious reptile in the order of scales. I’m afraid people can’t imagine that such a domineering Canglong was made up of a small lizard It evolved. 95 million years ago, these little lizards were so weak that they fled to the bottom of the sea to avoid the bullying of dinosaurs on the land. Six million years later, they evolved into Canglong, their toes became webbed feet, and even almost became the overlord on the earth. Not only the bottom of the sea, but also the dinosaurs on the land would become their snacks. They can be as long as 21 meters.


In addition to Canglong, some other marine organisms have been found in the fossils

Ammonite, which appeared 170 million years earlier than dinosaurs, was evolved from Nautilus. The small ones can be picked up by hand, and the large ones can reach 2 meters. It was extinct 100 million years ago. Gubei snake, a giant sea snake at that time, can reach up to 9 meters in length. They can even eat sharks. They have existed since the Triassic and died out from the Jurassic to the end of the Cretaceous.


Many of the fish in the ocean actually existed as early as the Jurassic. For example, saw ray, which has a chainsaw on its mouth, now has a maximum size of 7 meters, and it existed in the underwater world at that time. There are also sharks. Sharks are living fossils that scientists unanimously believe. They appeared 300 million years earlier than dinosaurs. Although some species were extinct at that time, many species today are also evolved from them. For example, otodonta Shark at that time, whose tooth fossil is up to 10 cm, is now evolved from great white shark. There is also a giant toothed shark whose teeth are triangular. It is said that they can eat almost anything and even eat the same species. It is considered by many scientists to be the most powerful creature at that time.

From the Jurassic to the present, although these marine creatures have never been the rulers of the earth, they have to admit that they are the most adaptable, the longest living and the most powerful creatures. Perhaps the mysterious ocean has given them unlimited space for survival and evolution, making them the real strong ones on the earth.


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