If you were the only one left in the world, would you hear a knock at the door? The answer is dreadful

Science makes human beings realize the rapid development of the whole civilization and brings infinite welfare to people’s life. There are too many mysterious things in this world and universe. People in ancient times could not explain these things, so they attributed them to ghosts and gods.

When we enter the age of science and technology, we can use science to explain all the mysteries of the universe. Of course, the prerequisite is that our science should be strong enough. Some unexplained things are not separated from the scope of science, but our scientific strength has not reached that level.

With science, we often put forward various hypotheses, and then prove them through continuous experimental research. Scientists like to put forward various hypotheses for research and exploration, and some folk science lovers also like to put forward some thought-provoking topics. For example, someone once asked the question: if you were the only one left in the world, would you hear a knock at the door?


Human beings are a gregarious race. People often need to communicate with each other. Whether they are relatives, friends or neighbors, they often knock on your door. When someone knocks on the door, you’re not afraid, you just wonder, “who’s coming to me today?”.

If someone knocks on the door, do you think it’s something else, not people? I believe 99% of people will not have such doubts. Because from a scientific point of view, it must be other people who can knock on the door, not something mysterious.

When someone knocks at the door, you won’t be afraid because you know that you are not alone in this world, but there are seven billion of the same human race. But if one day, you are the only one left in the world, will you hear the knock on the door? If so, how would you react?


Maybe many friends will say that if there is only one person left in the world, no one will knock on the door and no knock will ring. Because you are the only one in the whole human race, and no one else will come. So the knock on the door really doesn’t come to mind? Einstein’s answer may be very different from ours.

Einstein is the greatest scientist in modern times. I believe many people know the achievements of his life, especially the contribution of the theory of relativity to human civilization. For Einstein, if you are the only one left in the world, the knock on the door is also possible. What’s the matter?

Someone might have said the same thing. The knock on the door might be wind or animals. Of course, this possibility also exists, but it’s not what we want to discuss in this article. We’re talking about intelligent life knocking at the door, not wind or animals.


If intelligent life is knocking at the door, who will it be? Maybe someone thought of the extraterrestrial civilization. Could it be that the extraterrestrial civilization came to the earth and found that you were the only one on the earth, so they knocked on the door? This possibility naturally exists. If alien civilization really comes to the earth, you, as the only intelligent life in the world, will come to visit.

Is there any other possibility besides extraterrestrial life? Einstein’s theory of relativity gives us a possible direction. If we have some friends who understand the theory of relativity, we should understand that this space-time is not flat, but there is a distortion of space-time.

The existence of space-time distortion led Einstein to propose the wormhole theory, which is a channel connecting different spacetime. I believe many friends also know that the parallel cosmology put forward by scientists holds that our universe is multidimensional and there are different you in different time and space. You may be an ordinary office worker in this time and space, while you may be a super rich man in another parallel time and space, and you may have different identities and occupations in other time and space.


If Einstein’s space-time distortion and wormhole theory can be realized, it is possible for you from another space-time to come to this space-time. If that’s the case, then you may be knocking at the door of another space-time, not any other alien creature.

In either case, if you are alone in the world and suddenly hear a knock on the door, your first reaction may be panic and fear. Because you know there can’t be any other human beings in this world. Theoretically, no one should knock on the door. But the unexpected happened. The knock on the door rang out. Who would it be?

If you know something about Einstein’s space-time distortion and wormhole theory, you may think that you are in another space-time. But if you don’t understand wormhole theory at all, you will be surrounded by fear at this time. You dare not open the door, for fear that there will be a devil outside that we can’t understand.


Of course, even if you realize that the door may be another space-time you, you dare not open the door rashly, because once you meet two space-time you may cause a series of space-time changes. For example, between you and another you, there may be one disappearing in this world.

Although you are the only one in the world, I believe you don’t want to disappear inexplicably. So, it’s the right choice not to open the door. Of course, if the only intelligent life outside the door is alien civilization visiting you, it may be a better choice for you. Why do you say that?

Because you are the only one left on the earth, you will feel very lonely and difficult to live on the earth. At this time, an alien civilization came to the earth and found you, so you should seize the opportunity to leave the earth to live in other civilized world and save the last living species for mankind.


Of course, wormhole theory is only a guess of scientists, there is no real evidence. Parallel cosmology is also only a conjecture at present. Although space-time distortion exists, it may not necessarily lead to parallel space-time.

If there is no parallel universe, we are the only one in the world. When you find someone knocking at the door, excluding human beings on earth, the possible result is aliens. Of course, all this is just a small topic for us to talk about. In fact, even if great changes have taken place in human beings, there can not be only one person left. Either the whole human civilization will completely end and disappear, or a large number of people will survive and continue to exist.

Even the Homo sapiens, the ancestors of human beings, could not have been developed by one man and one woman, but by a group of men and women who have been constantly reproducing and living, we have the present human civilization. While science has brought us welfare, it is also bringing us disasters. Whether it is ecological deterioration or various disasters that may be faced in the future, human beings can only face them firmly until they are really strong.


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