If you were the only one left in the world, would you open or not open the door when you heard the knock?

If you were the only one left in the world, would you open or not open the door when you heard the knock?


For those gifted children, many people call them geniuses. In our childhood, the most annoying is “the children next door.”. When our grades are not good, we will hear our parents say, “look who.”. At that time, many people said that when they grow up, they must not be such parents, but things backfired. In fact, everyone is an independent individual. Maybe in the eyes of those geniuses, we are different.


Among all the talents, Einstein is the best. It can be said that his appearance has promoted the development of science qualitatively. Some of his theories have laid a foundation for human exploration of the universe. When it comes to Einstein, everyone thinks highly of him. What’s more, without Einstein, the development of human beings would be retrogressive for 100 years.


Among Einstein’s many theories, wormholes and black holes are still puzzling today. Einstein believed that human beings are expected to achieve crossing in the future, and there are two ways. The first way is to find the specific location of the black hole, and then invent a spaceship that can travel faster than the speed of light. The second way is much simpler, that is, to find wormholes. Human beings can directly travel through time and space without using any tools. As a result, countless scientists have devoted themselves to these two studies, but nothing has been achieved.


In addition, Einstein left a fatal problem. If the world changes and you are the only one lucky enough to survive, what will you do? When you hear a knock at home, what would you choose? When this problem appeared on the Internet, it immediately attracted the attention of netizens. Some people think that if you are the only one left in the world, you will rebuild a castle and live a carefree life. With their own ability to improve the safety factor of their castle, may not hear the knock at all.


Of course, many people have put forward different views. If someone knocks on the door, they will definitely choose to open it. A person is too lonely, if the door is a person, it would be better. If it’s other creatures, maybe they can learn something else. In a word, it’s a different experience. Some people’s first reaction is not to open the door, in case the door knocker is a devil, he will die. Einstein seems to have given us the answer many years ago.


In fact, the knocker outside the door is yourself. Yes, two of you from different spaces. When everything in the universe is disrupted, time will go wrong, and you will see another self in the world. Einstein’s view can be said to overturn our original cognition. As like as two peas, you can imagine that someday you will be standing exactly like yourself. Some netizens said with a smile that they dare not even think about it, for fear of falling in love with themselves. Of course, this is just a joke of netizens. I don’t know what views you have on this? If you really met yourself, what would you say? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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