If you work five days a year, you can earn 700000 jobs. Do you dare to challenge?

There are 360 jobs, and everyone will find their own. There are still some jobs in the world that only work five days a year, but can earn 700000 yuan, which is the most dangerous job in the world!


This mission claims to be the most dangerous in the world. This mission is the Alaskan crab catcher. Let’s take a look at the deep sea in Alaska.

There is such a kind of crab, it is huge, wearing red armor. It can be called the king of the nation, and it also has a very domineering name – Alaskan king crab. In the crab season, a crab catcher is killed every seven days in the Bering Strait.


The reason is that crabs often work 21 hours a day, sometimes even burn sundials for several days. Extreme fatigue and cold weather will gradually slow down the fishermen’s response, making them unstable on the undulating and slippery deck. It was in this case that many people were drowned in the huge waves.


Of course, high risk has high returns. Crab hunters can get a very good salary. During the crab season, each crab boat can catch about 30000 kg of crabs, while the so-called “crab season” is only five days, that is, each fisherman can earn 20-100000 US dollars in five days.

This kind of high paying job is also rare in the world. Apart from visa and citizenship issues, if you have the opportunity to apply for this job, would you like to go?

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