If your smartphone encounters six situations, it may be monitored, so deal with them in time

Since mankind entered the era of science and technology, there have been a lot of scientific and technological products, which have brought great convenience to people’s lives, among which mobile phones are epoch-making scientific and technological products.

I believe everyone is familiar with mobile phones. In fact, mobile phones were very rare and expensive around the 1980s. An ordinary mobile phone costs tens of thousands of yuan to buy. But at that time, people’s average annual income was no more than 1000 yuan. It took 10 years to buy a mobile phone without eating or drinking.

However, many people will not think that just a few decades later, mobile phones began to be popular. Now it is not an expensive product, but a technology product that everyone can afford. The rapid development of mobile phone is closely related to the rapid development of human science and technology, and now the mobile phone is not only a communication tool, but also more and more functions. Calling is only a secondary function.


Nowadays, the functions of mobile phones are very rich. Watching movies, online shopping, mobile payment, navigation and so on have become an indispensable tool in people’s life. You can forget your wallet when you go out, but you can’t forget your mobile phone. As long as you bring your mobile phone, you can go anywhere in the world. At least in China, you don’t have to worry about having no place to live and no food. You can use your mobile phone to complete the payment when you spend anywhere in China.

Of course, more and more functions of mobile phones, at the same time, more and more security risks are exposed, among which being monitored is a problem that many people worry about. But for us ordinary people, even if our mobile phone may be monitored, it is difficult for us to judge. Today, Xiaobian will tell friends about the situation that your mobile phone may be monitored. If your smart phone encounters six situations, it may be monitored, so you should deal with them in time.

In the first case, there is noise or echo when talking. As a communication tool, it is normal for people to use mobile phone to talk frequently. But when you call, sometimes there will be noise. Many people may think that the signal around may be bad or there may be other interference. For example, if you make a phone call in front of the computer, sometimes the signal will decrease, and there may be noise.

But if we exclude the factors of the surrounding environment, and there is still noise during the call, we should be very careful. At this time, your mobile phone may be monitored. The reason is that if the surrounding signal is not particularly poor, the call quality is relatively high, and there will be no noise. And now the network coverage has been very wide, it is the era of popularization of 4G, to 5g. Network speed and signal quality are getting higher and higher. Under normal circumstances, there will be no communication noise at all. Even if a low-cost mobile phone costs several hundred yuan, the call quality is good, and there will be no noise.


If your mobile phone is in a place where the signal is very good, there will still be noise, it is very likely that it is monitored. At this time, you only need to plug in an ordinary headset and make a call, and the other person’s mobile phone can hear the noise. If you find that the mobile phone is monitored, don’t call again easily before solving the problem, so as to avoid divulging important information.

In the second case, when you make a call, you will get stuck or hung up. Under normal circumstances, the network signal quality is very good now. Even if your mobile phone is an old one in the past, you will not get stuck or even hung up when you make a call. If you pause for a second or two after pressing a number when you make a phone call, you should be careful. Your mobile phone may be embedded with a chip, which may lead to the risk of being monitored.

Sometimes when we are in a conversation and the signal quality is relatively good, when we are trying to communicate with each other, the conversation is suddenly hung up. When we call again, the other party says that they have not actively hung up. At this time, you should also pay attention to that your mobile phone may be infected with virus or monitored.


If this is the case, you can use the virus detection software to kill it to see if there is a virus. The second is to fold the mobile phone to see if there is an unclear chip inside. If there is one, 100% of it is artificially implanted with a monitoring chip. You just need to remove the chip.

Third, the installation of malicious software. Today’s mobile network is very developed, and 5g has begun to spread. The era of network development is also the era of all kinds of APP software development. There are so many mobile app software now. Many apps will download some other software when you don’t pay attention to them when you install them. These software are called malware.

These malware are not good birds. Many of them carry viruses. Once your mobile phone is infected with this virus, it may be stolen all kinds of information and monitored by the other party. In addition to the risks brought by these malicious software, there are also some unhealthy websites that may be infected by viruses and be forced to install and implant malicious software. Therefore, when we download the app, we must pay attention to whether it has bundled software for you to download. If there is such an option, we must remove the previous check mark, so that we will not download these bundled malware.

The fourth situation is the third-party call. Nowadays, many white-collar workers do not need personnel to be present at meetings, but use the third-party call software to conduct teleconference. Therefore, many people’s mobile phones are installed with third-party call software. Under normal circumstances, this third-party call software is no problem.


But everything is not absolute. Sometimes third-party call software may become a monitored malware. How can we judge whether our mobile phone is monitored by this third-party call software? When you are in the process of maintaining a normal call, if there is an external call coming in, you can keep connected without operation. In this case, your phone may be monitored. You must deal with it immediately without delay.

In the fifth case, strange numbers appear in the mobile phone address book. Our mobile phone address book stores the phone numbers of some people we are familiar with or need to contact. We basically have a note for these numbers, such as Mom, Dad, friends, colleagues, etc. But if one day, you find a strange phone number on your phone’s address book, you should be very careful.

If you are sure that you haven’t saved this number, you should pay attention at this time. You may have become the target of other people’s monitoring. In this way, your usual call records may be stolen. If you find this situation, you must delete the strange number in time. Such a number is actually quite a seed. Put the seed in your address book, and the monitoring party can monitor your mobile phone through the seed. The solution at this time is to delete the seed and it will be OK.


The sixth case is the sudden change of mobile phone signal. Under normal circumstances, unless you are in an area with very serious interference, your mobile phone signal will suddenly decrease, for example, from 4G to 3G. But if you are in an area with very good signal quality, and suddenly your mobile phone signal becomes 3G or even 2G, you should be careful.

At this time, it is very likely that someone is stealing your mobile phone information through other software or technology, but this situation is relatively rare. But if you are in a remote place, such as a deep mountain, it’s normal that the signal drops suddenly. There’s no need to worry too much. There are many reasons for the sudden decrease of the signal, not necessarily because it is monitored by the software, so in this case, we should judge according to the surrounding environment at that time.

The above six points are the situations that we may encounter when mobile phones are monitored. Of course, with the rapid development and progress of science and technology, the monitoring means and technology of criminals are also improving. We should also learn to keep pace with the times, and timely understand these situations through the network, so as to update our knowledge. As long as we pay attention at ordinary times, mobile phones will not be monitored.

The era of mobile network development is a good era, but also an era full of various risks. Especially now mobile phones are bound with all kinds of information. Once the mobile phone is poisoned and monitored to steal information, the risk is quite large. It is possible that your property will suffer a big loss.


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