Illusion has nothing to do with eyes? It’s all caused by the intelligence of the brain!

If you can stare at the black spot of a picture carefully and look at another small ball from Yu Guangzhong, you may find that the small ball seems to be moving, and if you point your finger at the small ball, you will find that the small ball actually moves up and down. It seems very abnormal, but Patrick, a neuroscientist at Dartmouth College, will say that what we see is never reality, because what we see is the most perfect story made up by the brain and us.

As we all know, consciousness is the product of the human brain, so the story told by the brain, in fact, is not very different from the ordinary real world, but it will certainly exist. In addition, the brain will use the experience of past achievements to interpret new knowledge and current problems, and this phenomenon will unconsciously distort our senses and cognition of new things, so sometimes you can see it I think there’s something wrong with your eyes, but it’s actually something wrong with your brain.

So where does the illusion come from? In fact, there are two possibilities: one is the visual system, where there is a blind area, or you are achromatic blind, so they process information directly from the eye, which is wrong; the other is that the visual system is correct, but because the brain and other areas exceed the neuro visual system, it will reorganize itself, and Make up a new and right story.

Therefore, the topic of “how the brain produces illusions” was deeply discussed and studied at the cavana conference in 2019.

The experiment found that there are actually two modes in the posterior part of the brain. The first mode refers to the different ways in which the visual cortex is activated when viewing a picture that is prone to hallucination. In other words, the visual system thinks that they are different. Then, since the visual system is not wrong, why do we have this illusion?

In fact, apart from the visual system, there is also the most important information processor, the frontal lobe. Frontal lobe is a high-level thinking area, and it is responsible for prediction and decision-making in the brain, which is similar to the activation mode of the visual system. Therefore, when processing information, the frontal lobe of the brain will mix two pictures into one, so many people think that the ball is moving diagonally.

Therefore, in observation, all visual analysis, calculation and prediction will take place outside the visual system, so this is a feature of the real story constructed. And the most interesting thing is that even if we know the truth, our brains and eyes still have illusions, which is often said by neuroscientists at Stanford University – because, he goes on, it seems that we can’t consciously reverse such illusions.

So scientists wonder why what we see is the story it wants to tell us, not the truth and reality? In the final analysis, in order to adapt to the environment, we know that when we perceive an object, the object will reflect or refract. In this way, the light first enters the retina at the back of the eyeball, and is converted into an electrical signal through the visual processing system, and finally arrives at the back of the brain. Therefore, these signals will be transmitted forward in the brain, and then construct what we need to see In fact, this process is very fast, but it still takes some time.

Howard’s neuroscientists have explained that generally speaking, the perception system has a slow and lagging feeling. The fact described by the system is not what happened now, but what happened 50 milliseconds or hundreds of milliseconds ago, but if it only depends on these stories.

Our brain tries to distort the reality to meet our previous experience, emotions and our discomfort with uncertainty. These seemingly absurd things happen in the process of looking at things, which means that in this more complex process, images or facts can not be edited very clearly. We will use experience or hypothesis to fill in the unknown places, which leads to the misunderstanding of images It’s like different opinions.

Illusion always reminds us that facts are not what we see or think. So how to control all this is a challenge for a thoughtful person, but if you can recognize your mistakes and try to fight against the world, it’s a good start.

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