“I’m going to destroy human beings.” Sophia, the female robot who gave out cruel words, what’s the matter now?

“I’m going to destroy human beings.” Sophia, the female robot who gave out cruel words, what’s the matter now?


If you want to know who the most famous female robot in the world is, many people will think of Sophia, the female robot who made cruel remarks on the program in 2015. From the pictures, we can see that it is very similar to the appearance of adult women. According to the scientists who designed it, its appearance was designed based on Audrey Hepburn. With attractive appearance and realistic skin, you can even recognize other people’s facial expressions through internal algorithms, analyze whether a person is happy or happy, and communicate with each other in the way of eyes. Sofia has attracted the attention of people all over the world since its appearance.


Female robot and Hawking warning


This lifelike looking female robot has attracted the attention of netizens at the same time. Because Hawking, a famous scientist, once warned mankind that we must be cautious about the development of artificial intelligence, because they are likely to have their own consciousness and will replace human position on the earth. For most people, such a warning is totally unnecessary. After all, it is a product created by human beings. Life and death of activities are decided by human beings.


In a live show, the host asked Sophia if you want to destroy humanity? I didn’t expect to get a good answer. I will destroy mankind. In the live program, a robot said the words of destroying human beings, which shocked four people. How could a robot say such words?


Relevant experts say that this is just a procedure set up internally, but many people think that this is just an excuse for Sophia. Later, after media reports, Sophia became the public enemy in people’s eyes. So does this female robot really have the ability to destroy human beings as it is said?


Sophia now


In fact, Sophia has no self-consciousness. Up to now, relying on human strength is not enough to create a robot that can be endowed with consciousness, because up to now, we have no idea how consciousness is generated, what is the relationship between consciousness and brain, which contains tens of millions of neurons, and we also need to understand the thinking operation and emotion of brain This is very difficult for scientists, let alone to give a robot new ideas and consciousness.


Robots destroy the world. It’s just a fictional plot in a science fiction movie. In a short time, such an absurd thing can’t happen. After five years, what’s Sophia like now? It often appears in some talk shows and even appears on the cover of fashion magazines. Many media have interviewed it, and it has even been given the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. This is also the first robot with citizenship in human history. In the future, more intelligent and more intelligent robots will be produced on the basis of Sofia. What do you think of this?

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