In 10000 years, will human science and technology be more advanced than it is now? Scientists are skeptical

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Human beings are the only intelligent civilization on the earth. Speaking of human history, it may be as long as millions of years. Millions of years ago, the primitive ancestor of mankind, the ancient ape, embarked on the road of wisdom evolution. After a long evolution, it finally reached the stage of Homo sapiens.

Homo sapiens is the direct ancestor of modern human beings. They live about 70000 years from now. After continuous efforts, Homo sapiens went all over the world and formed primitive human civilization more than 5000 years ago. Seeing this, I believe many friends also understand that although the history of mankind has lasted for millions of years, it is not long since the real formation of civilization, only about 5000 years ago.

In the past 5000 years of civilization, the time to lead human beings to achieve a leap is very short, only a few hundred years, that is, the time when human beings embarked on the industrial road. Hundreds of years ago, human civilization finally embarked on the road of science and technology and ushered in a new era. Before that, although the dynasties of human civilization changed continuously in 5000 years or so, the strength of civilization did not make much progress. It was still the handicraft age.

The power of science and technology is undoubtedly powerful. With the help of science and technology, human civilization has achieved leaps and bounds, which not only makes people’s life constantly changing, but also makes people go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe. Ten thousand years ago, our ancestors would never have thought that today’s human civilization would be like this.

If the primitive people who lived 10000 years ago went through modern times, they would think that they came to the world of God. Because in the eyes of the ancients, all the scientific and technological civilizations in modern society can only be expressed by miracles. From this we can see how important science and technology is to the development of a civilization.

It’s just seeing the power of science and technology, which makes us achieve what we have achieved in just a few hundred years. So many people are full of all kinds of expectations for the future of mankind. With the development speed of human science and technology, if we are given another 10000 years of development time, then mankind will be powerful to an incredible level.

In theory, it is true. I believe my friends know something about the scientific and technological development of mankind in the past 100 years. Maybe this change doesn’t shock young people much, but if you ask some centenarians, what is the deepest feeling in the past century? I believe most of the old people will answer that the development of science and technology is so fast that it is incredible.

It took us a hundred years to lay the foundation of various basic scientific theories, such as relativity, mass energy equation and so on. Under the guidance of basic scientific theories, human beings have made breakthroughs in various fields. We began to explore the quantum micro world. We landed on the moon and Mars. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which are the farthest human beings, have stepped out of the sunshine layer and entered interstellar space.

All these are part of the achievements of mankind in a short century, and all these are brought to us by science and technology. So as long as human beings continue to develop, we can’t imagine the scientific and technological strength in 10000 years’ time. Maybe at that time, human beings were already an interstellar civilization, with planets all over the galaxy, and even we were able to go out of the galaxy and explore other galaxies.

All this seems to be very beautiful. Will human science and technology be more developed than it is now in 10000 years? The above beautiful vision is only theoretical. However, in the process of development, there may be too many changes, so scientists also doubt that human science and technology are more advanced than they are now.

Why do scientists have doubts? Is human technology not as good as it is now in 10000 years? That’s a real possibility. I believe many friends have heard some of Einstein’s predictions. One of them is about the future fate of mankind. Einstein’s original words are like this: “I don’t know what weapons were used in the Third World War, but I know that the weapons used in the fourth World War were stones.”

What does this prophecy say? In fact, it tells us that once the third world war breaks out, it will eventually turn into a nuclear war, and this terrible weapon of destruction is enough to completely destroy the scientific and technological civilization of mankind and finally regress to the primitive civilization.

What is the probability of nuclear war in the future? Some friends may say that all countries in the world know that this kind of weapon can not be used casually. Even if there is a world war in the future, we will be very restrained from using nuclear weapons.

That’s right. We all know the terrible consequences of the outbreak of nuclear weapons. We will not use them in the early and middle stages of a war. But when the war becomes white hot, when it comes to the survival of a country, who cares whether it will destroy mankind? War is so cruel that people will lose their rationality in many cases.

So once the third world war breaks out, the probability that it will eventually turn into a nuclear war is very high. Will a new world war break out? It’s hard to say, but judging from the 5000 years of human civilization, human beings are actually very aggressive civilizations. From ancient times to the present, wars of all sizes have never stopped. Even in the modern era of peace, big wars have not, but some small conflicts and small wars have never stopped.

And human civilization itself is not a completely unified civilization. There are more than 200 countries on earth, big and small. It’s very normal to fight for resources and territory. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, weapons will become more and more powerful. Even in the future, such powerful weapons as destroying a planet with one shot will appear.

It can be seen that the future development of human civilization is full of frustrations and will not be smooth sailing. In addition to the devastating crisis that may occur inside human beings, all kinds of disasters outside the earth also threaten us, such as asteroid impact, super strong solar eruption and so on.

Of course, these threats in outer space can be easily solved as long as human science and technology develop to a certain extent. If human science and technology has been successfully through 10000 years, then the earth will not be threatened by various natural disasters in space, and science and technology can solve all these problems. But no matter how powerful human science and technology is, once there is no peace within us, it will be a heavy blow to human civilization. It may directly bring us back to the primitive society, and more importantly, it may make the whole human civilization disappear from the universe.

Scientists have been studying and exploring the traces of prehistoric civilization. On the way of exploration, they have also found some suspected things left by prehistoric civilization. For example, on December 29, 1932, a British adventurer crossed the Libyan desert. When he came to the shady area of a sand dune, he found a lot of strange glass scattered on the sand in front of him.

These glasses are at least 10000 years old. After making various guesses about their formation, scientists have come to the most likely conclusion, which is a nuclear explosion. If these glasses were formed by a nuclear explosion, who triggered the nuclear explosion more than 10000 years ago, prehistoric civilization or alien civilization?

Also, the mohenzo Daro site is a relic left by the ancient Indian civilization. It is more than 4000 years ago. This relic also has many mysteries that perplex scientists. According to historical records, the city was destroyed overnight. What kind of power was responsible for it?

Archaeologists found 46 relatively complete remains in the ruins. After further study of these remains, scientists found that most of these remains had traces of burning, that is, they died of instantaneous high temperature. At the same time, scientists also found traces of a suspected explosion in the center of the site. Experiments have proved that the site was roasted at 1400-1500 ℃.

If it is a nuclear explosion, who used nuclear weapons thousands of years ago or tens of thousands of years ago? Prehistoric civilization or alien civilization? I’m afraid all this will always be a mystery.

If the nuclear explosion tens of thousands of years ago was caused by prehistoric civilization, then their disappearance may have something to do with nuclear war. Maybe some people survived later. The whole civilization has also returned from the era of science and technology to the primitive era, and after tens of thousands of years of development, we have the present scientific and technological civilization.

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