In 1917, tens of thousands of people claimed to have seen UFOs, leaving behind three predictions: did aliens appear?

There have been many UFO sightings in history. If we talk about the most famous one, I believe many people will think of the Fatima incident in Portugal. At that time, 70000 people in a small town in Portugal claimed to have seen UFOs. The process of this incident is rather tortuous, and it is still an unsolved mystery in the world.

The story also begins in May 1917. In the small town of Fatima, Portugal, there are three children who are grazing in the field when they suddenly see a woman. This lady is elegant and beautiful, and her whole body is shining. She stands on the tree, which looks more dazzling than the crystal. When she sees the children, she starts to talk, tells them her name is Maria, and asks the three children to come to see her under the tree on the 13th of every month. I believe many people will think of the Catholic Virgin Mary when they hear the word “Mary”. At that time, Catholicism was being challenged in Portugal. It was amazing that three children met the incarnation of Virgin Mary at this time. We often say that the child’s heart is very pure. Every month after that, the three children went to see him, and the woman told them a lot of predictions about the future.

Although the three children, like their parents, claimed to have seen Maria, the people around them did not see any light. Until three months later, on October 13, this beautiful woman appeared in front of everyone. At that time, in addition to the three children, the whole town could see her appearance. The news had already spread and caused a big uproar. Where did the residents of the small town meet Maria, so they scrambled to tell each other. The news spread more and more widely, and some people even picked up Take a look at Maria through the telescope.

Luminaries in the sky

By the appointed day, there were 70000 people in the small town waiting for Maria’s arrival. Even though the sky was getting darker and it was raining heavily, many people still didn’t want to leave. At noon, one of the three children told everyone to put away the umbrella. At this time, the sun appeared in the sky. When the strong sunlight came down, the people in the town had never seen such a situation, so they knelt down one after another. When they looked up, they saw a strong luminous body. This luminescent body appeared for a short time, then drove like the sky, and finally disappeared into the universe.

When the luminous object disappeared, the rain on the ground was completely dry, as if it had never rained. Because of the large number of eyewitnesses this time, the incident soon spread to the whole world, but those with astronomical telescopes did not take pictures of anything. This incident has also become an unsolved mystery in world history.



Apart from the number of witnesses, the prophecy that “Maria” said to the three children also attracted everyone’s attention. He once told the three children three secrets. The first prophecy was the dungeon of fire, the second prophecy was the two world wars, and the third prophecy was the angel. These three predictions do not seem to have much thought. It will still take a long time to interpret them. So far, there are still different opinions on these three predictions.

Many UFO enthusiasts are deeply impressed by this incident. They think that the sun in Fatima incident is actually a UFO. There are extraterrestrials in the universe. They can fly the spaceship to any place they want to go. When the spaceship comes to the earth, it will emit a strong light. Therefore, people at that time mistakenly thought that they saw the gods. Some scientists believe that most people at that time were Catholics, perhaps because of psychological cues that led to group hallucinations. Many years have passed since this incident, and we have no way to investigate the situation at that time. I don’t know what you think of it?

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