In 1947, Lowell’s flying saucer crashed. Is there really an alien? Retired major confirms UFO rumor

In 1947, it was a very ordinary year, but this year was called “the first year” by UFO enthusiasts. First of all, when Arnold, an American entrepreneur, flew over Mount Rainier in Washington state, he encountered nine UFOs flying over his head. They were shaped like plates, so Arnold called them “flying saucers”. In the next ten days, the Lowell incident happened. Now, let’s learn about the Lowell incident.

In the first week of July 1944, mark Blaise, a rancher in Roswell, decided to visit the livestock. That night, there was a heavy rain. During his inspection, he found some metal fragments with a long shallow ditch on them.

That night, Marco Blaise found many ruins near the farm. He had never seen the materials on the ruins. Soon, mcblaise told the military about this. So the military sent experts to the scene for exploration, and brought some back to the Research Institute for further research. However, the information was blocked at that time and was not leaked.

When the military came, it could be seen at a glance that these metal fragments did not belong to the plane. From the fragmentary debris, we could piece together several cabins, and there were still bodies inside. These corpses don’t belong to humans, nor do they belong to some kind of creature on earth. They look weird and they look very alien.

The next day, the U.S. military’s discovery of the remains of the UFO was reported in the news, which shocked the world. After detailed investigation and study, it is concluded that this is actually a high-altitude balloon, and the so-called alien is just a dummy for testing.

This reversal is too big. At that time, many people didn’t buy it and didn’t believe it. And many UFO enthusiasts even think that this is because the government does not want to disclose too much information about UFO UFOs. So far, there are all kinds of opinions about the Lowell incident.

At that time, CCTV also made a special report. Later, most of the military personnel involved in the incident were transferred from their current posts, and the archives about the incident were also destroyed. Later, former CIA agent Brandon revealed that the wreckage was actually an alien UFO, not a high-altitude balloon, and the bodies were not dummies, but alien creatures. But it’s true or false. We can’t find out. After all, the relevant information is almost destroyed now.

We can’t give an absolute answer to the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, but with the continuous improvement of science and technology in the future, we believe that these truths will gradually come to the surface.

What do you think of the Lowell incident? Do you think it’s a UFO or just a technical test?

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