In 1968, American scientists used an experiment to predict the direction of human beings, known as: the 25th universe

On July 9, 1968, a city of mice named cosmos 25 was born in a laboratory in Maryland. The laboratory put four male rats and four female rats into it. There was endless food and water in it. The temperature was appropriate, and they were kept away from all diseases and external injuries. The only drawback of this perfect mouse Utopia is the limited space. The mouse city is a square box, 2.6 meters long and 1.3 meters wide, which can only hold 3800 mice at most. However, there are many tunnels and rooms in the walls for mice to live and move. No one thought that in just five years, this mouse paradise, which was originally not worried about eating and drinking, would become a paradise for mice The grave of the mouse,

What’s going on in this 25 universe?

Space plan 25

On October 25, after the birth of the first brood of mice in the rat City, the number of mice doubled every two months, with 40, 80 and 160 mice. The scale of the mouse family is growing day by day. With sufficient food supply, the atmosphere of the rat group remains peaceful.

In August 1969, when the rat population reached 620, the growth of mice slowed down significantly. The first generation of mice, having a spouse and family, still controlled the core resources and geographical location of the mouse society, so that other newborn female mice could only move to the uninhabited apartment far away from food. They live alone, far away from family and society, while the new male rats gather in the center of the rat City, enjoying more accessible food and water.

They have a very rich social life at home, but they are still anxious, irritable and weak. They begin to attack each other, and their behaviors become more and more eccentric. At this time, the old generation of mice are still looking for new spouses, constantly multiplying and expanding their family power, but they also have some complex behaviors. For example, they avoid the hostile neighbors and immigrate constantly, thus neglecting to take care of the new-born pups, and even exile them everywhere. As a result, many pups die young, and some even drive them out of the door by early weaning in order to speed up their growth.

The picture shows universe 25

After that, the population of rat city gradually stopped growing. Even in this paradise with such excellent conditions, the new born mice are full of fear of society.

More and more mice began to spend all their time and energy on diet, sleeping and dressing. They no longer attacked each other and had no mating behavior. These mice completely changed and put them back into normal groups.

But all the mice taken from No. 25 seem to have forgotten their instinct and can’t integrate into any new mouse society. In this way, the reproduction rate of new born mice is getting lower and lower. Until the population of the rat population reaches a critical point, there is a second rebound. At the peak, the size of the whole rat population reaches 2000. But like the previous generation of mice, the new generation of mice, also appeared strange behavior.

Young mice have more homosexual behavior. Their fur is smooth and they don’t fight any more. They are all white and clean without any scars. They are very beautiful like the angel of doomsday. After most of the mice stopped breeding, the rat society collapsed.

In 1973, the last inhabitant of mouse Utopia died, and the universe came to an end on the 25th. Zoologists call this behavior “behavioral degradation”.

It took less than five years for this mouse utopia with perfect equipment to perish. Although the mouse Utopia experiment was banned for various reasons at that time, and the conclusion of the experiment failed to enter the mainstream communication channels, it is really difficult for us who have heard this story not to reflect on it, or not to use it to reflect ourselves. After all, in the past decade, it seems that the fake mother’s fresh meat, low desire to eat grass, unmarried infertility are only the patents of a few countries, such as Japan. But today, with the rapid development, we seem to be more and more tolerant of all these.

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