In 1975, the Moscow subway disappeared mysteriously, and its whereabouts are still unknown, but the truth is heartbreaking

Public transport is a proud cause in Moscow, which can be rated as the most in the world. In particular, Moscow metro, with a total length of 200 km, is the most in the world. In this populous city, more than half of the population flow benefits from Moscow subway, which is a great contribution. And the transportation is convenient, extending in all directions, decoration luxury, operation for many years, few traffic accidents. But such a luxury, safe and world-famous subway once happened.

At 21:16 p.m. on April 1, 1975, a subway train slowly left Belarusian station and headed for the terminal brysno station. Originally, it only took 14 minutes for the train to reach the next station, but in such a short period of 14 minutes, the train disappeared strangely.

The sudden disappearance of the train forced the entire subway to suspend operation, and a search and rescue team composed of police and subway management team launched a carpet search on the line. A metro director named Victor spanovich rushed to search and rescue after receiving the notice, but when they came to a circular passage, a section of the track that had originally stopped at the inner wall of the subway was missing. And just around here, there is a waterproof gate. When you open the waterproof gate, you find that the disappeared subway is just behind here, but the car is there, and the people are gone.

Time seems to be at a standstill when the car is full of people. There are cigarette butts, luggage, backpacks, and even baby carriages with babies and pacifiers in their mouths. However, all the people in the car disappear, and everything seems like a dream.

The whole incident seems to be related to “time tunnel” or “parallel space”, but the amazing thing is that although it happened in 1975, it didn’t appear on the Internet in China until 2007, and it is similar to the people who disappeared on the train. The reports about it are only in Chinese, and there is no trace of other reports in English or Russian.

The title of Xiaobian says “the truth is heartbreaking”. It must be that someone has guessed the general truth.

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