In 1991, the ghost train disappeared with 104 people. Scientists got on the train to solve the mystery and disappeared again, which is still a mystery

Lu Xun mainly wrote satire, but before he started writing, he mainly translated foreign literature. When he began to write satirical works, he was inspired by the dead soul by the Russian satirical master Nikolay vasilievitch Nikolay Gogol.

Madman’s diary is based on the satirical works of Nicolas Gogol, such as Lao She and Zhang Tianyi. However, 79 years after his death, in 1931, his skull disappeared.

After several twists and turns, Moscow police found that Nikolay Gogol’s relatives, police officer Janoski took the skull. He took the skull back to Italy. Just two years later, he asked an official to bring the skull back to Russia and give it to a lawyer.

In 1933, when the officer was about to leave, his 17-year-old brother and some of his friends had just gone on holiday and went to Moscow with them. However, they did not take the regular train.

In order to facilitate transportation, the official bought some special tickets through his relationship. Their three car train was chartered by an Italian businessman. There are only 106 passengers on the train. Just after getting on the bus, the 17-year-old boy stole Nikolay Gogol’s skull.

He wanted to scare his friends and Nikolay Gogol. Before entering the tunnel, he hugged the box and planned to open it on the table when entering the tunnel.

However, just ten meters away from the tunnel, a chill climbed up his spine. He is not the only one to feel this strange feeling. The other passengers don’t look very good. He went to military academy and received crisis training. He didn’t know whether he was afraid or eager to survive.

He ran to the last car, opened the door and jumped down. When he landed, he found another girl jumping down, too. More strange things are still to come. The two men saw a white mist over the train. After the train entered the tunnel, the white fog gradually dispersed.

The speed of this train is not very fast. The two men came out along the tunnel, but no three car train was found on the track. The two men looked at each other and immediately chose to report. The boy showed some military school certificates.

The Italian police are also aware of the seriousness of the matter. But when they searched the tunnel, let alone the train, they didn’t even find the soot, as if they had never appeared. With the outbreak of the Second World War, most of the missing people were classified as dead, and “Nicolas Gogol ghost train” was no longer mentioned.

But the ghost train incident happened one after another. In 1955, the ghost train even appeared in Crimea peninsula. In 1975, 1981 and 1986, Moscow region and Moscow city appeared one after another. At Moscow University, physicist Ivan pazer was very interested in ghost trains, and he brought together a large number of researchers.

They believe that the Eurasian railway network is very complex, and it is likely to change some of the earth’s magnetic fields, which may cause transient anomalies. Among them, a Kiev scientist discovered a ghost train in 1991.

Nicolas Gogol’s ghost train appears near Poltava. On September 25, the ghost train suddenly appeared at a fork in the road. He jumped up, but never appeared again. There are many witnesses about the ghost train, but the sudden appearance and mysterious disappearance of the ghost train is still an unsolved mystery.

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